29 April 2010

Crafty Ventures

After Uni yesterday, I plodded along to Lincraft at Australia on Collins for some white thread and an unpicker for a project I plan on doing tomorrow. Of course, I ended up having a bit of a browse through the fabrics (quilting fabrics are my weakness) and the wool section. A group of seniors were also having a bit of a browse together, and they were incredibly cute. 'Ooh'-ing and 'Aah'-ing at pretty much everything and 'I guess we'll all be knitting tonight!' was said several times, which was very entertaining. Inspired by that, I also bought two balls of very thick wool and some bamboo needles - 'I only ever use bamboo needles now.' 'Yes, me too.' 'Oh, your bamboo needles are just beautiful Maggie' - so cute!

So when I came home, instead of studying, I started to knit a scarf with my brand new wool and needles and finished both balls of wool in one night!! Only problem is, the wool is so thick that the scarf is only 1/2 a meter long - haha. So now I've got to buy, what, 5 more balls of wool to finish the scarf. At least it will be nice and thick and warm for winter, because I am really ill-equipped for Melbourne Autumns, let alone the winters.

Pictures soon, when I am finished.

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