31 May 2010

Another Quiet Weekend Over

I had a fairly quiet weekend; worked a bit, bought some magazines, a bit of study, cooked some delicious soup (Split Pea and Prosciutto), baked some Shortbread with Passionfruit Cream, visited the relo's in Mornington (and got there by myself without a map - so proud!), did some knitting, watched heaps of movies (including Stranger Than Fiction, which Matt hadn't seen, and is now obsessed with), picked up some new glasses - which I'll post about later because I forgot to get photos of - and looked after Matt. It was still a good weekend though. At first I was a bit sour but it ended up being really good.

I still haven't finished the scarf (and I have knitted more since these photos), but this just gives you an idea of what it's going to look like.

Cardigan: Cotton On, Dress (worn as top under skirt): Supre, Skirt and Belt: Sportsgirl, Tights: Metalicus, Wool and Needles: Lincraft.

I'm such a proud little knitter!

This is maybe half the length that I want it to be. I'm hoping I wont give up on it and I will actually have it finished this year - I have a habit of getting bored of my projects and stopping them before I'm finished.

Here's the wool that I bought, and I have bamboo needles (can somebody say, 'sustainable'). It's such lovely wool, it looks a bit old fashioned, I reckon.

Gosh, Matt is cute. Drinkin' his tea and being all snuggled in the jumper I bought for him. I swear, most of the time when we are at home, at least one of us has a mug of tea in hand. At least it's not soft drink!

Naw, there he is again.

Here's a few things I'm listening to at the moment;
Supergrass - Moving - Lisa got me into this one big time. Love it!

Have a lovely week everyone, and forgive me if my posts are dwindling, I have exams coming up very soon and one more assignment to do. 

And, if anyone in Melbourne is interested, Savers is having a 50% off sale today only, and you should go if only because I can't!! Savers' Sale

PS. If I ever mention a recipe that you think you might like, let me know, I'm always happy to share.

27 May 2010

Why hate someone for who they are?

I HATE homophobia.

I NEVER describe anything using the term 'gay' in a negative or derogative way, and no one ever should.

It is my belief that being homosexual is not a choice - why would someone choose to live in a way where they are ridiculed, humiliated and discriminated against, on purpose? It just doesn't make sense. And it is not good enough that this sort of humiliation still occurs in our modern society.

Being homosexual is something you are born with, like the colour of your hair, or the way that you think. The real God accepts everyone for who they are, so religion is no excuse for persecution.

After Jason Akermanis' comments earlier this week about whether gay footballers should come out, a website has been launched that you should be aware of: This Is Oz. While I do not agree that homosexual football players should be hunted out and paid to come out, I do believe that it would only be a positive thing if they came out, rather than a danger to AFL. Saying that AFL footy is "not ready" for gay footballers to come out is a COP OUT and a shame to Australia as a nation!

I have quite a few friends who are gay, and have been very apprehensive to come out, and surprised at the people who had no problem with the fact that they are gay, when they did come out. It makes me sad to hear my friends say that they are too scared to tell the ones that they love, who they are; that they might be persecuted for letting their friends know their true selves.

No one should have to be afraid to show their true selves.
No one should be judged because of who they are.
Being gay IS NOT A CHOICE.
Being gay IS NOT WRONG.

The gay community needs our support, so please, at least take a look at This Is Oz, and spread the word or show your support in some way.

The world needs to evolve and accept the gay community as normal NOW. Because it is normal. Because it is all around. Because your child, your mother, your father, cousin, uncle, aunty, friend, could be struggling with who they really are, and they really shouldn't have to.


I dedicate this post to everyone I love, gay or straight, to tell them that I love who they are and I do not think they should be ashamed in any way of who they are. 

Everyone is a person. Everyone has EQUAL rights. Uphold your belief of human rights and spread the word.


To my gay friends: I love you for who you are, I love you for your bravery, and I love that you are all in my life. You inspire me.

Do what is right, what is humane and what is common decency. And think about how you would feel if someone told you that loving the person that you love is wrong.

26 May 2010

Toothless Wonder

Today I got up very early to drive my boyfriend to the private hospital so he could get his wisdom teeth out. We got there at 7am and he went in at 9.30am. I went home while he was under, so I could shower and get into some clean clothes and came back before he was back. 

It's really strange seeing someone you love come out from anaesthetic for the first time. In fact, before today, I've only ever seen people in hospital who are fully conscious. I don't know why, but seeing him all groggy and blabbing on about whatever it was - although, he was incredibly cute - I was getting very upset and very worried about him. He wasn't in pain, there were no complications, everything was alright; but I was feeling lots of butterflies and potential tears behind my eyes.

Matt is currently sitting on the couch on his iPhone, showing me things he is looking up on Digg. He even ate lamb casserole that I made today for dinner. He such a trooper! 

Today reinforced one thing, that is lovely to be reminded of: I love you Matt, I really, really do.

Have a lovely day everyone.

22 May 2010

The Beach

I quite like this photo. It was taken in November last year at a beach in South Gippsland. Matt and I went on holiday with my sister and her boyfriend to see our Nannie. It's such a good memory.

I'd love another holiday real soon.

21 May 2010

Something nice to listen to.x

I never told you about Saturday

Remember how I said on Saturday that Matt was taking me on a date? Well, he is a sneaky little buggar, and an amazing one at that!

I got dressed up (with a later party in mind) and we went to Auction Rooms (me, pretending I didn't know this was where we were going). Matt told the waiter, 'a booking for Matt', and I was just spacing out, not really paying attention, when I heard the guy say, 'Oh, the group booking.' which I thought was a mix-up, until I looked up and there in the big group of people at the back of the room, was my entire family!
What?!!!! Oh my gosh!!
Hugs and tears ensued, especially when I realised that my Mum was there!

My sister was in on the plan with Matt and had told everyone to tell me they couldn't catch up with me for the last 6 weeks or so, which worked, I was starting to get very upset about not being able to see anyone, especially on Mother's Day last week.

Anyway, I had this fantastic night with all my family and lots of delicious Tapas and wine and an amazing tall orange cake with thick white chocolate spread around the outside. The only thing is, I didn't get any photos, so I will have to wait until my uncle posts them on Facebook, so that I can post them on here.

Thank you Matt, Alysia, Mum, Noah, Nannie, Mae-Mae, Penny, Alan, Caz, Frank, Ken, Merrin, Trelawny, Owen, Liam, Hamish and Rob - you guys are tops!



Unfortunately, I have to break up the good news with some bad news. Our canary Bernard died yesterday afternoon. He drowned himself in his water feeder, which was a very disturbing sight. 

I don't have a picture of him, but I do have a video, I just can't figure out how to post it. =(

We will miss you Bernard.

18 May 2010

Latest Girl Crush

Gorgeous as herself, but even pulls off the Karen O look very well.
Dang it, she's just hot.

15 May 2010

What is it?!

In the name of research for my course, I went to the market and bought kale, because I've never had it before. Only one stall had it and this is what it looked like:
And I carried that sucker from the market, all the way home, with lots of stares and people asking me what it was. Some lovely old Italian lady was very enthused - 'It's beautiful! What is it?' - she was very cute.

In case you don't know, kale is a cruciferous veg (read; same family as broccoli, cauliflower etc) and has lots of minerals including Iron and Calcium. More info here.

Not that you can really see it, but I am wearing my new Metalicus turtle neck (green) and Metalicus tights (navy with black polka dots). I also bought a Metalicus dress and another long sleeved top. All up, I paid $181.30 and saved $195.00. I bought it all at the DFO store, and they had a deal: buy 1 item save 10%, by 2 save 20%, and buy 3 save 30% on the already reduced prices. How sweet is that?!! And the clothes are definitely keeping me warm and cozy. Metalicus website here.

I'm off to get ready for a date with Matt (first one in AGES!). I have no idea where we are going (or what to wear - eep!) but I am very excited! And my lovely friend Tom is having a party tonight - should be good. =)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend too!

14 May 2010

A Borrowed Shirt and A Pie

Lately, I have been very inspired by one blog, calivintage, and find myself browsing through her long list of outfits most of the time that I am on the internet. I love that she looks different everyday, and tries different looks, but still looks the same, as in, she looks like herself in every different outfit.

The other day, desperate for warm clothes, (gosh, I am REALLY struggling) I decided to trawl through some of her posts until I found the one in the above link, and thought it was perfect!

I never usually wear Matt's shirts because they just look boxy and awful on my body type, but stick a cardigan on top and it looks great - so great that I think I might invest in my own flannelette one (for extra warmth). So, thanks Calivintage! Here's my interpretation:

So, complete outfit was Matt's shirt, Cotton On cardigan, Mum's suit jacket from the '80's, Jay Jay's high-waisted jeans, Reject Shop socks and Sportsgirl shoes.

I think I have about two layers on underneath the shirt as well as tights on underneath my jeans for extra warmth. I'd really love tips of Australian shops I can get warmer clothing from. I'm off to Metallicus today with my housemate, who works for them, and Tracy (boyfriend's sister) to try to get some warmer basics, but I really need warmer jumpers, cardigans and clothes in general! 

Thanks, Matt. Lol

In other news, I baked a wonderful beef and vegetable pie the other night, mostly from scratch - c'mon, who doesn't use the sheets of frozen puff pastry! We didn't have enough potatoes to make a shepherd's pie, so I put pastry on top instead. Delicious! Here's a photo (which refuses to centre itself properly - argh!);

See the pretty leaves on top?

And last night I cooked my step-dad, Fred's German Green Bean Soup, which uses a special German herb called 'Bohnenkraut' or 'Summer Bean Herb' (Wiki calls it Summer Savory at one point, and Summer Bean Herb at another, but I think Summer Bean Herb is a better translation). The soup is a lovely broth, and great to make when we're poor.

Day One of the no sugar (diet? detox? I'm not sure) thing but it is only 11am, so all I've had is two Vita Brits (they don't have sugar added) and some milk. So far, so good.


13 May 2010

Hey there sugar!

Actually, Goodbye sugar!

A while ago, inspired by my friend Paula, who I worked with at the time, I decided to go two weeks without chocolate, and did so successfully, which I was pleasantly surprised about. After doing so, I wanted chocolate less often, and felt very refreshed! So recently, after a long time of frustration over my acne and some inspiration from another friend, Terri, who has undertaken a crazy detox that I don't think I could ever do myself, I have decided to take my last attempt one step further and go without refined sugar for two weeks.

This means I can still eat fruit (fructose) and milk (lactose) but nothing that has sugar (glucose), so no alcohol, no scones from work (Aargh!), no over processed flour products (white pasta, white bread - not that I really eat that anyway), and nothing with added sugar at all.

I'm hoping that by doing this I will improve my skin and that after I finish I will want to eat products with refined sugar in them less often, it might also have a bit of a detoxifying effect that could be useful because I'm very stressed out and highly strung at the moment!!!

Luckily for me, I live very close to the Queen Victoria Markets so I can get plenty of fresh fruit and lots of dried pulses to cut down the amount of processed food I eat. If you have any ideas for snacks during this period, I'd love to hear them - just don't say carrot sticks! PLEASE!

Also, I plan on cooking Polenta for the first time and I'm very excited! I'm going to try this recipe, but use chicken thighs instead of beef mince (Free Range Chicken, of course!). Delish!

Image from cuisine.com.au

Wish me luck!

11 May 2010

Dress ups box

I thought I might post some of my more memorable costumes over the years for your enjoyment/possible inspiration.

1940's Pin-up with Anthony, for Boun's 30th, 2009

The evolution of the 1940's Pin-up costume into the Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini costume that I made (without a pattern) for the La Trobe University Wodonga's Sexual Deviants Ball 2009.

This was my Wood Nymph costume for a fairy picnic my then, not-yet-housemate, Lisa had in the Botanic Gardens in Albury, 2009. Hair and make-up by my sister, Alysia, and I made the head piece from a dead vine I found.

We had an 'F' party for my lovely British friend, Flora, when she went back to England. I was a flamingo. My sister, again did my make-up. Another costume of 2009.

This was originally a badly made bridesmaids dress for my dad's very tacky 3rd wedding. I brought in the skirt to make it a pencil skirt, shortened it and added the black belt and wore it to a Mad Men party. 2009. My sister (the genius!) made my very short hair into this fantastic beehive and did my makeup.

I think this was the first costume I ever made; Wonder Woman for the Heroes and Villains night at Sodens in Albury. The DJ duo, Culture Vulture, who were regulars back then, deemed my costume the best, and I won the $50 bar tab!

This one was a sports themed party, Joe's 21st, 2009.

At my 13th Birthday, I was a witch. 2000.

At my friend Anthony's 21st, a 'Things That Go Bump in the Night' theme. This costume was my sister's idea, and she did the hair and make-up. I thought I made a great spider!

Most recently, this is what I wore to the lovely Dayna's 30th birthday, which was a Vintage theme. So proud of my hair because I did all myself - I don't usually.

So, what do you think?

04 May 2010

Groovin the Moo 2010

On Saturday, May 1 I had the pleasure of attending my third Groovin the Moo festival. This one was held in Bendigo and somehow, I managed to get the day off work for it (thank God!)

The acts that played included Lisa Mitchell, Space Invadas, Grinspoon, Miami Horror, British India, Bag Raiders, Yacht Club DJs, Jonathan Boulet, Empire of the Sun, Tegan and Sara, Vampire Weekend, Spoon and a few others. We were lucky enough to have a beautiful sunny day and a great group of friends to enjoy the festival with. I'm not sure what my favourite band was because I just loved so many of them! 

Lisa, me, Holly and Johanne

Ahh sun... =)

Matt enjoying the festival a little too much

One thing I really enjoyed about Groovin the Moo was that they used the temptation of cheaper alcohol to discourage littering in the 18+ area. According to Johanne, who was also at Groovin the Moo, they started doing it in Europe. Basically, for every container (empty can) you return, you get $1 off the price of the drink, but you can only bring a maximum of 4 containers up per person, so instead of paying $8 for beers, we were paying $4 - which is a bargain, for festival prices! I did notice that the 18+ area was a lot tidier than the rest of the grounds, so good on whoever came up with that idea! I thought it was very effective!

We were all about the cheap beers!

Unfortunately, what brought the festival down were a few of the people on security on the day. Firstly, getting into the venue took some people 3 hours of waiting time, which is just unbelievable! There wasn't a line for those who didn't have bags, so it really slowed things down. Secondly, when I presented my bag, I was holding an empty drink bottle which I planned to fill up with water instead of buying another bottle, and I was told I could not bring that in because although it was empty, 'it could be lined with pure alcohol' (righto!). I was told to throw it out or I could not enter. I don't remember reading anything anywhere about empty drink bottles being prohibited, but I accepted it. So when I got inside the festival, the first thing I did was buy a drink in a bottle that I could refill all day, but when I got to the entrance of the 18+ section, I had to present my ID, despite the fact that I had an 18+ wristband on, have my bag searched - again - and was told to throw away my newly bought (inside the festival grounds, 5 minutes ago) drink bottle. What? On top of that, our friends who had gotten through the gates with unopened bottles of soft drink were told to throw them out or they would not be able to enter the 18+ area either. Even stranger, was that the exit of the 18+ area, with big signs saying 'No alcohol past this point' was not being guarded as heavily with people walking out with huge bags being unchecked, and strangely, Johanne was given unopened beers that he could have quite easily taken them out of the 18+ area, more than I could get my Vitamin Water in. Which reminds me, when I purchased my drink, the girl in front of me asked for a can of Red Bull and she said 'please don't open it', the server said, 'No, I have to - responsible service.' Of what? Sugar?! I thought, as the same lady served me an unopened bottle of Vitamin Water. Gosh, it was very confusing. Thankfully, all of those rules were relaxed, but honestly, what was going on there?

Where's Wally?

Vampire Weekend and their amazing chandeliers 'Me and my cousins and you and your cousins...'

Very worth it!

02 May 2010

Something old to something new.

As promised, here is the dress that I bought from Savers last week and altered. I'm so proud of myself for seeing potential in this, and that I didn't make any mistakes when altering it.

All I really did was alter the hemline, but I think it works. I even wore the new dress to the Groovin the Moo festival I went to yesterday, which I will post about later.