08 April 2010

Feeling Thrifty

After viewing a post by Lady Melbourne early this morning about a recent op shopping trip, I decided that instead of being the lazy moo I usually am when I don't have to start work until 12pm, that I would go and have my own op shopping adventure.

So at 9.30am this morning, I ventured over to Sydney Rd, Brunswick and met my fantastic and most thrifty friend, Nikki at Savers.

I managed to find 5 dresses and 2 pairs of shoes to try on, but decided it would be best just to settle for the dorky brown sandles, which were, I must admit - love at first sight.

We then had a look around at a couple of other shops, to no avail, until we went to The Green Collective, which had both recycled clothing and lots of 'green' products to purchase. There I found a stripy white and blue top (a blue that I don't think I have ever owned, clothing wise) and something I have coveted for quite a while now - my very own Keep Cup!! So now I don't need to take a heavy mug to uni, or get a paper or plastic cup while I am out - chuffed!

All in all I thought my morning was rather productive and I wound up with a satisfactory haul - only $28 spent too! Let's not tell Matt though. I wasn't really supposed to go shopping (o'.'o).

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