27 April 2010

Long Weekend

We just ended a long weekend here in Australia, as Sunday was ANZAC day (Lest We Forget) so Monday was the ANZAC Day public holiday.

My weekend consisted of, well, A LOT! On Friday I made it my mission to clean the entire house. It took me two hours to clean every inch of our small bathroom/laundry and another hour to clean the lounge room, and my fantastic boyfriend Matt came home from work and was so pleased with how clean the house was that he did most of the dishes (which had REALLY piled up!) - thanks Matt, you are amazing! And that day ended with the best bolognese sauce ever (see earlier in my blog roll) from the freezer - very nice!

On Saturday, I got out my sewing machine for the first time in our new place and got back into sewing a present that I started for a friend of mine before Christmas and via www.masterchef.com.au, caught up on all of the episodes of the new series (because we don't have Channel 10 - Aargh!!). To be honest, I think the guys who make Australian MasterChef have gotten fairly cocky this year, with the success of the series last year. But whatevs, I still love it!

Saturday night was the lovely Sharee, Emma and Joel's housewarming, which was a fantastic night, despite the cold. Joel has finally cut most of his hair off and looks great (with heaps of references to Ned Kelly, Bon Iver, everyone in Mumford and Sons, and I can't remember who else) and I think his new look really suits him. And their house is so kitsch - it really suits them!

The group at the party were our friends from back home in Albury, so it was a great mix of people, but my favourite part of the night was getting to know the wonderful Tom's girlfriend, Simone. It was one of those moments - we just clicked! Unfortunately for Tom, us 'clicking' meant that we talked and talked for hours and Tom couldn't get Simone away from me - sorry Tom! =s

Sunday marked 3 years with Matt, which we started off with a big brekkie of gorgeous scrambled eggs, with grilled tomato, asparagus and gourmet beef sausages on toast! Yummo! I had to work in the afternoon, and when I came home, Matt gave me a lovely bunch of flowers that I am not knowledgeable to know the name of. We had plans to go out for drinks for the gorgeous Ellie's birthday in St Kilda, so with that in mind we chose a restaurant down there to have a romantic dinner together and it just happened to be owned by Ian 'Huey' Hewitson, and there he was sitting at the bar downing a bottle of red. The place is called Barney Allen's and you need to try the basted chicken and mash and the Toblerone and Grand Marnier Fondue!
Flowers from Matt

In case the weekend wasn't long enough, I even had a lovely Monday. Matt and I ventured over to Footscray and visited Savers, where I found a great dress that I intend to shorten (post about that soon) and KMart where I managed to find biker boots, a great stripy mini dress that doubles as a top and a DVD of Peter Pan, for a total sum of  $52! And I didn't even have to shell out any dosh because my sister gave me a voucher. 

Then, Monday night, I had the pleasure of catching up with the one, the only, the fantastic, the lovely best friend of mine, Laura, who was down in Melbourne, all the way from Queensland. We ate at Ha Long Bay in Richmond and it was cheap and delicious and as usual we all chatted for hours. What a great night!

I wish all my weekends were that adventurous and fun!

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