30 August 2010


My order arrived today.

Have a look at what I bought!

Funkis Plait Navy Suede Sandle Clog (quite a mouthful for quite a shoe!)

As you can see I am super chuffed! Very cute and comfy.

So these are them, my new shoes!

I can't wait for tomorrow when I will wear my shoes to uni with a big fat grin.
They will just go so good with everything, and all through summer.
And the best part is, they are made from plantation timber, so I feel a bit less guilty when I wear them.



I am very impatiently waiting on a delivery of an internet purchase I made on Wednesday night. I really hope it comes today because for once it is sunny! And consistently so!! And what I purchased would really enjoy a day in the sun.

In other news, I got myself into the ballot, and purchased four tickets for the Falls Festival at Lorne this New Years!! I am so excited; this year is most definitely my Year of the Festival - so far I've been to Big Day Out, Groovin the Moo, Splendour in the grass, and I still hope to go to a few more this year. It's so exciting!

This sunny weather is only doing positive things to me - I get a bit sad when it's overcast, don't you? It brings up thoughts of the Spring Racing Carnival, Christmas, swimming at the beach or at the river back home, not having to layer up before I step out the door, ice creams, iced tea, serving margharitas to friends at parties, BBQs, fruit salad, Sunday sesh's in beer gardens accross Melbourne, music festivals, and just having a great time with friends and family in general.

Summer in Australia is always such a fun time, it helps that everyone has such a laid back attitude, and everyone is just looking to have a good time. 

Matt and I plan to find a new place to move into by December, somewhere with a backyard so we can have a vegie patch and entertain our mates whenever we want, because we'll actually have space for them!

Check out this song: I'd Rather Dance With You by Kings of Convenience, it wouldn't let me embed, but I thought it was a nice song with a very cute film clip.

Have a lovely day

22 August 2010

Food, Inc

I recently watched Food, Inc in my Food As Medicine class at uni and it really made an impact on me. Even though I know that a lot of the processes that occur in the USA do not occur here in Australia, I do believe the food industry has had a significant impact on the way that we eat and the food that we eat, as well destroying our environment, and I would like to see it change.

Our idea of 'healthy food' or a 'healthy meal' is so far removed from what 'healthy' actually is because of the way that the food industry is at the moment, and you only have to think about the illnesses that occur in your family or your circle of friends to realise that. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity - can all be attributed to diet.

I hope that this movie does what it was set out to do: to educate the masses and empower them with the knowledge and confidence to make more ethical food choices and change the market demand enough to change the way the food industry conducts itself. 

So please take a look at the film with an open mind, and start to make more ethical food choices. Buy organic. Shop at a farmers market. Buy free range. Buy sustainable seafood (here). Plant a little veggie patch in your backyard. If more people do this, the more affordable these food choices will become. And you just know you will feel better, not only because you are eating nutritious food, but because you are doing something to make the world a better place.

Thanks for reading my rant.
Sorry I don't post that often.


14 August 2010

Eat Your Greens

In the name of research and for the passion of my Nutrition course, and to make my life healthier overall, I went to http://organicfood.com.au/ and ordered a box of seasonal veg for me and my mans. 

I received my delivery looking pretty daggy (pjs, BAD bed hair and a messy kitchen) but was excited none-the-less. My lovely organic goodies brought a delicious fresh scent into the house and I squealed a few too many times and even took photos of said produce (below). This box has lasted a week already and will easily last another week, which means that $51.50 for organic goodness goes a long way - I only have to order more fruit because that went very quickly.

We purchased the 'Eat Your Greens' box, with bananas, lemons and passionfruit extra. 

I recommend you try it at least once - it makes life easier, and makes you feel like you are really doing some good for your body.

Can you see the garlic cloves? They are ENORMOUS!

They are so colourful - like a rainbow! Very inspiring for me, cooking wise.

In other news, ever since Splendour in the Grass, I have been OBSESSED with Yeasayer! Here is the clip to their newest release, Madder Red, which I had never heard until the festival, but thought it was one of the best ones that they performed on the day. So check it out!


06 August 2010

The Return of My Blog

Good afternoon, my fair readers;
After a long and agonising time away - I'm back! Yay!
And with my very own computer, to boot!

Here are some things I have been doing lately;

Buying pretty presents for loved ones;

Adorning my house with cheerful flowers;

Enjoying a few bevvys with the ladies from work;

Celebrating the completion of my first semester of uni and the corresponding exams (photo: courtesy of Ellie);

Enjoying the Rutherglen Winery Walkabout with some of my dearest friends;

and my lovely sister;

Dressing up as someone who died before they were 30 for Luke's 30th (Matt is Jimi Hendrix and I am Edie Sedgwick);

Yippee! I did my own hair!

Spent time in my home town with lovely friends and family (above and two below photos: courtesy of Brylee);

And hey - I actually finished my scarf, see!!;

Walking underneath waterfalls and hanging out with my best friend, Laura, in Queensland

Beer and cheese tastings in Mount Tambourine, Qld;

And finally, going to the best festival I have been to by far: Splendour in the Grass!!!!!!
I think this was taken while either watching The Drums or Yeasayer

Matt with Roni and Glenn.

With the lovely Johanne overlooking the Amphitheatre (and possibly Florence and the Machine)

I think Kate Nash has something to say...

Peter, Matt, Johanne and lil old me.

The always beautiful Clare Bowditch

And the best song that she played - it seemed to be everyone's favourite!

The Drums at the Amphitheatre

Florence and the Machine (she's the big billowy white thing in the middle)

Matt and me after the foam party - woo!

And the last act I saw for the festival - Empire of the Sun.
Pretty good photo, eh?

My posts will be more frequent than the last couple of months, but not too frequent. Uni is very busy, and so is work!

Thanks for having me back.