31 March 2010

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Hey there! It's been a while since my last post, but I assure you that I have very good reasoning; uni assignments, tests, an exam coming up, too many social commitments and work. Boring but true.

Meanwhile, I have decided that, for the first time ever, I am going to dye my hair. You read correctly - I am a hair dye virgin. And baby, it's time to pop that cherry of mine!!

Since I've been gone I've discovered how cool Alexa Chung is (watching It's On With Alexa Chung is a good way to procrastinate - trust me!!), and so I've been YouTube-ing her and Google Image-ing her and discovered this awesome idea for a dye job:

Dang, she's so pretty! And see how the ends are lighter than the roots of her hair? Yes? Well, apparently, she does that on purpose. According to www.elleuk.com, she "ask(s) for a balliage technique, it focuses colour through the ends of the hair rather than at the roots, giving a natural sun-kissed look", which is what I'm gonna do! What do you think? I personally love it and think it a different way to dye my hair without being too brave (lack of bravery is the reason that I haven't dyed my hair in the first place). My colour wont be as light, because my natural colour is a lot darker, but you get the drift.


And here are some pictures from that wedding I went to a week and a half ago;

Me and Matt in front of the chapel

Did you manage to see the dapper man that is my boyfriend? Gosh, is he spunky.

Matt and I with Matt's sisters Tracy and Leonie, and Leonie's boyfriend Rav. Also, a full shot with my shoesies. =D

Have a lovely day.

21 March 2010

She's a Shoe In

I finally got paid on Friday so of course I went shopping!!! It's my personal rule that whenever I get a new job, I have every right to treat myself to a little something, and this time I found the most glorious pair of shoes!

I'm new to the city and I knew there was a Big W somewhere, I just kept forgetting where. And because I always manage to find something at 'Big Dub', I made it my mission to find where it was, and as soon as I got there I ventured straight over to the shoe section and was immediately drawn to this pair of loveliness:

For less than 30 bucks, I bought myself and brand new pair of hapiness. I really LOVE Big Dub.

I wore them that night to my wonderful friends' Rachie and Nick's place for a delicious Spanish feast, with Matt, including meatball tapas, mixed paella and copius amounts of Sangria and beers, and so they were a constant talking point for the evening lol.

We ended up staying the night at their place and it took a long time for us to get home because we forgot that we didn't have bus money and had a lot of issues with transport zoning and ahh, it just took us forever to get home. I had to put my hair up because I resemble a rooster when I wake up in the morning, but at least I had my brand new shoes to make me feel like some sort of effort was put into my appearance.
Dress: Don't Ask Amanda, Handbag: Bluebird, Sunnies: Sportsgirl, Shoes: Big W, Hedging: courtesy of a random house on a random street. 

I'm even going to wear them today to a wedding I get to go to. *sigh* What is it about a brand new pair of shoes? I love this feeling.

19 March 2010

Copycat: an obnoxious individual who, sickly, gets off on copying, imitating, emulating, simulating or miming the words, gestures and expressions of another individual. the copycat becomes easily amused and the other individual feels like sticking their foot in said copycats ass. typical of 6 year olds but not uncommon in 34 year old lawyers. urbandictionary.com

So, I'm starting to realise how bad my camera is. Looking at these photos, I'm really starting to get annoyed at how grainy they all look. But anyway, here are some photos from the other day of Matt and I mucking around while I cooked our dinner. It was a delicious Chunky Beef and Red Lentil Curry that I made with inspiration from another recipe. And it was even better (as most things are) the next day for lunch. I just served it with chunky slices of grainy bread before we gobbled it all up.

Chopping up the all important onions

Matt's brag photos of the Global Knives he bought me

Left: I love this shot because it makes me look like I can chop all fast and chef-like
Right: My giant spoon that my friend Ben bought me

Yummy curry in the Maxwell & Williams 'Microstoven' that Matt bought for me. (Surely after this post you realise that even my friends know that I am obsessed with cooking because most of the gifts that I get are cookware - =D

And of course; the finished product. Yummo!

And now, for what I promised to post a few days ago; my attempt to copy Ginnifer Goodwin's style without actually buying anything new.
                                                                                       This is just to refresh your memory

I'll be honest, I'm not entirely happy with it.

I pinned my hair back and changed my part to try and get the hair right lol.

Jacket; Target/Mum found it and work and now it's mine lol.
Top; Table Eight/op shop find
Jeans; Jay Jays
Bag; Cotton On
Shoes; Payless

17 March 2010

Wait A Minute, Mr Postman

I have just signed up for the lovely Package Project, a project designed to connect bloggers around the world via snail mail.

Please click the link for details and sign up too, and you will soon be receiving a delightful package from somewhere in the world. As long as you have Twitter, a blog or an Etsy account you can sign up. You must be willing to send goodies of your own though.

I'm so excited!

16 March 2010

My Current Idol

Ginnifer Goodwin is just SO beautiful! She's on one of my favourite and most addictive shows to watch 'Big Love', and was the only reason why I finished the movie 'Mona Lisa Smile'. 

With her cute pixie cut and beautiful blue eyes, her style is something that definitely inspires me. Here are some examples;

At a pre-Oscars party (from www.zimbio.com)
I just love this dress. Very different to your average LBD.

At another pre-Oscars party (www.fashionising.com) 
Another cute twist on just wearing an LBD

Stunning in a B&W dress at the People' Choice Awards (www.whosdatedwho.com)
A different way to wear stripes and the big flower is a great statement.

From www.style.com
Ooh! I have a dress that's similar to this, although a bit tartier lol. It was only $10 after all. But this one is in a better colour too, and has such a beautiful neckline.

Another one from www.whosdatedwho.com
I just love that she wears so many sweet dresses, because its very much like my style. 

(Also from www.whosdatedwho.com)
She makes casual look so, well, not casual. I especially love the bow on the top.

I think I'm going to try to emulate her tomorrow for uni - heels and all!! Sounds rediculous, but whatever. Oh, and I will post the look too.

14 March 2010

Wish I May, Wish I Might

These are just a few things that I've decided I would like to get for myself, because I am the type of person who likes to make lists, and I am someone who doesn't have much money, so has a lot more opportunity to think about the things I might like to purchase, if by chance I find myself in a situation where I actually have money.

-    A good-quality warm and versatile coat
-    Caramel brown Brogues (or similar) preferably vintage (I have a pair, but they are already wearing out, and I just love them so I see no problem in having several pairs)
-    Sturdy, good quality flat boots (maybe the tough looking lace-up kind)
-    More printed tops, jackets and cardigans that are versatile (more vintage-look floral). A lot of my clothes are plain and have no print on them which has been something very annoying to me for many years.
-    Vintage-style swimsuit (handmade). There are some very cute ones at both Kids In Berlin and Thread Den, both in North Melbourne, but I did find this pattern at the Burda Style website that I'd like to give a go, in a cute floral fabric.
-    Long thick grey socks that go over the knee (I have wanted these for years and I'm talking woollen, look like your nanna knitted them, thick)
-    A long sleeved Classic white shirt that fits well and is versatile. Apparently there is a fairly cheap one at Temt, but when I went in it wasn't there, so I think I went in too early in the season.
-    Casual black pants (comfortable and classic, versatile)
-    High-waisted grey trousers - Ahh! Sportsgirl have the exact pair that I want, and as soon as I pay off my current layby, that will be my next purchase - they have 1/2 SIZES - YES!!!
-    A petticoat (handmade) in charcoal or black tulle. I will make this for myself one day lol.
-    A pretty “pussy-bow” blouse. I've always wanted one in a soft material, maybe a pastel yellow if I'm lucky. So pretty.
-    A V-Neck knitted jumper that is reasonably thick and well-fitted. Essential for my serious uni-student look - haha! That, and I really don't own many very warm pieces.
-    A big, thick, bold-coloured knitted scarf (maybe red) and its gotta be super long so it can be wrapped around several times - om nom nom.

Check out this sweet video of an awesome scarf knot from The Sartorialist.

      Gloves that have all their fingers but are cut off just after where the fingers join the back of the hand (like Carrie’s in the Sex and the City movie, the scene at the pay phone) = HAWT!
-    Picture courtesy of Craftster, click the link that I just found (!!!) to make said gloves yourself!!

-    A black and/or a grey skivvy for layering in winter
-    A large "Keep Cup" for drinking copious cups of Earl Grey at uni (mmm...)
-    4 Folding Chairs from Ikea for our dining table, so that I can have bigger dinner parties where everyone actually gets a seat at the table. Not sure which ones though.
-    Dermalogica PreCleanse!!! I already have their Dermal Clay Cleanser, Multi-Active Toner, Clearing Mattifier, Oil Control Lotion, Overnight Clearing Gel AND Sebum Clearing Masque because I am obsessive and IN LOVE with Dermalogica. But the PreCleanse is really great for removing make-up without stinging or drying out my skin. I've used a sample of it before and it was glorious.
                I'm sure you are thinking, "Hang on, you said you were poor Mira, you lying wench!" but the thing with Dermalogica is that you use the tiniest amount of the products when you use them, so they last ages. For example, I've had the toner for 10 months now and I use the stuff every morning and most nights. Compare that to the awful supermarket products that usually last 2 months each and Dermalogica is cheaper in the long run, plus the product is free from alcohol, fragrance and other components in the supermarket brands that do your skin no good. 'nuff said!
-    A powder foundation. I read an article for make-up in the March issue of Dolly Magazine (don't judge, it's actually pretty good for a teen mag, and I got a free top with a Flamingo on it) that really helped me because I lack in the make-up talent department. Plus I'm almost out of foundation.

So thus completes my "basic" wish list.

I know its long, but I make no apologies, this blog is fun for me.

12 March 2010

It's got my name on it and it's just waiting there for me...

I arrived home from work this afternoon to find a wonderful package with my name on it (which is always a good feeling) that came all the way from New Zealand. It was the hair bow clip that I ordered from the Etsy shop, h u n t e r g a t h e r e r. for 12 US buckeroonies - STOKED!!!



Wearing: Hair clip h u n t e r   g a t h e r e r, Cardigan If It Were Me from England, Top Valley Girl and Fabric Rose Brooch handmade by me.

I'm not entirely happy with the pictures because my hair has been up all day and under a cap, and I don't like the way I look with my hair up, but they aren't too bad.

Next thing to make my afternoon was that Matt and I went to my favourite - Auction Rooms, in Errol St, North Melbourne.

My spunky Matchew - Naw! 

Top: Me being all artistic and Bottom: our delicious coffees

Top: gorgeous pattern on Matt's latte and Bottom: my long macchiatto, incase you ever want to order me a coffee one day, lol.

And the very kitsch sugar bowls/'Heinz Pea with Ham soup' can. Rust and all.

Now, I'm going to make some Yorkshire puds for my very delicious smelling roast lamb that I have in the oven. (I haven't had Yorkshire puds in about 6 years! Ahhh YES!!!!)

The meat (and we get heaps of it, lamb and beef) is from Matt's parents' farm, from the animals that are too injured to sell. It's free and hey, how many of you can say that you know exactly where your food is coming from? They also give us loads of eggs everytime we go up there which really helps the shopping budget stretch. 

And so begins my quiet homely night with Matthew, and I couldn't be happier.

11 March 2010

Dream a little dream of me...

When I was about eight or nine, I remember someone showing me the movie Dream A Little Dream starring Corey and Corey (Feldman and Haim) and I swear, I had my first crush and possible obsession. (ie. Matt, watch said movie and pay attention!! lol)

Despite the fact that Feldman was the object of my primary school desires (as was River Phoenix - how is it I watched so many 80s movies in the 90s?), I still adored every movie the 2 Coreys starred in that I saw (like, License to Drive = AWESOME!).

Yesterday, Corey Haim was found dead from a drug overdose, and so died any hope of there ever being another Corey and Corey movie =(.

So if you haven't seen any of the films, I definitely recommend Dream A Little Dream (swoon-worthy).



Oh dear God, now I'm heartless....

So, I've spent the entire morning frustrated over what I should wear (room = pigsty), but I figure, hey, if I can't be inspired by what to wear, at least I can eat something inspiring.

Enter sandwich.
No shit, highlight of my day:
Black rye bread with tasty cheese, tomatoes, Cathy's homemade relish-like tomato sauce, mixed salad leaves, salad sprouts, whole egg mayonnaise, a boiled egg, lightly seasoned. Bliss...

In other cooking news:
This is my housemate Lisa's attempt at cooking spaghetti - she asked me to take these lol. Love you Lisa.
Notice the water is not boiling and the pasta is starting to BURN. Absolute gold!

Oh, and last night in a desperate craving for chicken, I cooked this for Matt and I for dinner;
I made a creamy mushroom sauce (with no recipe, hells yes) with chicken boobs and tonnes of vegies and Lisa was oh so jealous of our delicious dinner.

Man, I love cooking. Especially when it makes those who aren't eating what I have cooked jealous. Best feeling!

Oh, and some things I learnt in Food As Medicine (my FAVOURITE subject) at uni lately;
- Your body cannot absorb the iron in Spinach and Brocolli. The only nutritional sources for iron are in meat and supplements (there are vego ones - somehow). Sucks really, cause I've been telling my vego friends to eat spinach for iron - sorry guys!
- Tomatoes, Zuchinis, Squash, Pumpkin and any other 'vegetable' with seeds ARE considered fruit. So if, like me, you've been feeling guilty for not eating fruit, but you've been eating lots of these, you're all good. Guilt, be gone! (I'm pretty stoked really)
- Rice - even brown rice - has a pretty high GI (Glycemic Index) so don't eat too much of it, ok? Same with regular pasta, and that grain bread you thought was healthy. Most of it uses refined flours, which is just carbohydrate without the nutrients (there is a difference). Hence the delicious Black Rye I had in my sammich: nothing artificial and lots of unprocessed rye flour, and no additives (read: additives = BAD!!)

Alright, I'll stop busting your chops now.

10 March 2010

I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes

New shoes coming out in USA by Melissa. These are my favourites, but I'm wondering how long I'll have to wait until they come out here? I can already imagine me wearing them with chunky grey over-the-knee socks and a pretty dress. Perfect for now in Australia, Melissa. Why can't you see that?
These ones are Melissa Troupe + Alexandre Herchcovitch

Well, I can dream, can't I?

09 March 2010

Do you have a favourite-sounding word? My top 5 are ointment, bumblebee, Vladivostok, banana and testicle.

The time has come for Mary and Max: The Exhibition - YAY!

It started on 2nd March and will run right through until 6th June at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, and I for one will most definately be attending!

The gorgeous film is a stop-motion animation full feature by the Oscar-winning, AUSTRALIAN (Yes, I can be patriotic at times) Director and Writer, Adam Elliot (who also wrote and directed the short film, Harvey Krumpet), and if you haven't seen it, you really should!!

Mary is an eight-year-old who lives in (lol) Mount Waverley, and has a pen-pal friendship with the Asperger afflicted and much older, Max, who lives in New York, and the film follows both of their lives until Mary is all growed up. But basically, you should watch it because it is so freaking cute! (Oh, and Toni Collette, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Eric Bana and Barry Humphreys all lend their voices to it too, if it's name dropping that floats your boat)



THEN. Once you have seen said film, head on over to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image and check out the exhibition. Info here: http://www.acmi.net.au/exhib_mary_max.aspx

And PS. (lol) No I do not work for any of these people, I'm just very excited about it!

And if that's not enough, from memory, Mary wants to marry a man named 'Earl Grey' and live in his castle with him and have lots of children. Hahaha! GOLD! (See image below) Gotta appreciate a good tea pun.

I'm so pumped.x

07 March 2010

You could've said something nice about my profiteroles

I know I've already posted today, but I'm playing catch-up, and I'm enjoying my new toy.

Firstly, some things that I've been wearing etc;
Sweet comfy jumper from Savers (can't wait for winter time!!)

A vintage dress (I have no idea what era) at Stacey's (pictured) cocktail party. I also got to wear my antique crystal jewellery.

Matt took this when we went on our date last week (I swear I'm not naked!). I was proud because my hair was straight and big-ish, without much effort - yay!

This is the complete outfit, dress is Portmans from about 4 years ago, purse and shoes are about as old and both from Sportsgirl. I made the fabric rose myself.

And now, for some inspiration/pretty things to look at:

Melanie Laurent in Inglorious Basterds. Gorgeous, French, wearing vintage and kicking some Nazi ass. It's impossible to not admire her.

Gosh, I can't get over how gorgeous Hermione Granger is in her down time. Ahh, Emma Watson...

Mad Men - I am so desperate to watch Season 2!! (Yes I am aware of how behind I am) Matt says he might buy it, but if he doesn't by my first pay, I bloody will! Look at them all vintage and gorgeous, (click photo to view all of it - it's been chopped in half) or those dapper looking gentlemen. Ahhh.....

Yay! Flight of the Conchords (for anyone who didn't notice, the title of this post is a line from their song Hurt Feelings). I love this picture of them, it kind of makes me want to buy a burgundy velvet blazer for Matt too.

This gorgeous photo of the gorgeous Lily Allen is the reason I chopped all my hair off. Surely, you can see why. Lily looks so hot and happy here. I just love her. I can't believe she wont be recording another album for at least 5 years. =(

And of course, the beautiful Zooey Deschanel. She's so cute. And strange. And pretty. And has a great sense of what looks suit her.

Now for some inspiration that is closer to my heart: This is my Mum with me when I was a bubba (and a chubba-bubba at that). She is probably just thrown together, considering I'm a baby, but she just looks so much like her. Big ass comfy jumper with Garfield on it is especially my Mum.

This is also my Mum after she's had two children (no really). I think she is wearing Dad's sunnies, and again, she isn't wearing anything too special in particular, but she just looks so darn hot. That's right, I envy my Mum for hotness.

With all these in mind, surely I can come up with a spunky outfit for today? =)