24 April 2011

Hello Tumblr

Hey guys, I know I don't post here anymore, so I've opened a Tumblr account. 

I'd love if you visited me there.


03 March 2011

So This Is Autumn.

Is anyone else as shocked as I am that it's Autumn already? It was barely warm this summer, especially in Melbourne, where most days were overcast. While I do enjoy Autumn - one of my favourite seasons - without a proper Summer, the prospect of a colder season looming isn't as exciting as it usually is.

Now, I don't like to be negative, in any published form, and I'm sure I will enjoy Autumn, as usual, but when you spend an entire season that is supposed to be warm, waiting for it to warm up, it is a bit disappointing. Ah well, at least I have this recipe to look forward to:

Jamie Oliver's Mulled Cider

2 litres good cider, such as Scrumpy
6 cloves
3 or 4 star anise
¼ nutmeg, finely grated into the pan
1 cinnamon stick
1 vanilla pod, halved
Juice of 1 orange 

Juice of 2 clementines (these are similar to mandarines, so I'm sure these are a good substitute)
Juice and seeds from 1 pomegranate
4 or 5 tablespoons of caster sugar, to taste

These are Jamie's ingredients, and from memory of his Christmas special, you just simmer them for a while.
I will definitely be trying this recipe in the coming months, so I will let you know how I go. First I need to wait for my new stove to arrive. I have been cooking for two weeks with only a slow cooker and an electric frying pan, and I am more than over it!! Bring on a brand new stove!

24 February 2011

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Jug $2.99, White sandals $5.99, Red shoes $5.99 and Red pashmina $3.99, all from Savers

Hey there friendly followers. Long time no see, hey? 
Sorry you haven't heard from me in freaking ages. At first I got busy, and then I got lazy, and then I wasn't even sure if I should bother continuing with this little endeavour of mine. Long story short - I'm back!!

So what has everyone been up to lately? Since I last blogged I have finished my first year of uni, and begun my second year (just this week!), I attended the Falls Festival in Lorne, developed an op shopping addiction, caved in to the masses and bought an iPhone4, lost a house mate -  she is moving to QLD now =( - I decided to save up and go to Thailand in the middle of the year, we had a house party, I visited the gym quite frequently - something about the gun show here lol - I grew a garden on my kitchen windowsill, gained a pen-pal, and as usual, watched way too many TV shows over my summer break  - anyone else addicted to Fringe?!!

I am really excited to be back at uni this year, so far I've only had one of my classes this week - Nutrition2 - and the funny thing is, it is the same lecturer, same room and most of the same people as Nutrition1, last semester. Hopefully this means the dynamic of the class will develop quicker than it usually does, or it will be the same 4 people answering questions every lecture, and that is just plain boring. I'm at uni Monday, Thursday, Friday, which will be a strange week to get used to I reckon, like having two weekends a week, both of which I am working lol. Ah well, at least I am moving on in my degree, which is exciting, and the stationary I bought for my new subjects are colourful and organised, so I am happy.

Handbag $9.99 and Power-Suit $19.99 both from Savers

Tomorrow night, Matt and I are going back home to stay with my Mum for the weekend. My sister's birthday is on the Monday, and her best friend's 21st is tomorrow night. Plus a mate of mine will be getting married that weekend, so lots of good friends will be around, which doesn't always happen when I visit my Mum. So, Brylee, who's 21st is tomorrow, is having an op shop party, and the anticipation has gotten me all obsessed with op shopping! In the last two days I have been to the Footscray Savers twice and purchased; two dresses, two pairs of shoes, a pashmina, a cute little strawberry covered milk jug, a knitted jumper, a power suit (my party outfit), a bleary shirt and tie for Matt for the party, an orange mu-mu for my sister Ally for the party, a coat, a hat, a handbag and an egg flip. I just had so much fun! And all up I only spent $95. Pretty rad!!

Blue dress $7.99 and White dress $7.99, both from Savers

Coat $12.99 and Ally's Mu-mu $4.99, both from Savers 

Also, if you wish to, you can follow me on Twitter now, "m_inapeartree", it might encourage me to post more frequently and interestingly, haha!

 Bleary shirt $5.99 and tie $1.99 for Matt, and Knitted jumper $4.99, all from Savers

I've just realised the hat and the egg flip aren't pictured, but I am sure somehow you will survive! 

Now I'm off to the gym, then a coffee, present hunting, a haircut, uni and drinks for my mate Trita's 21st. And some housework somewhere in between. Should be a fantastic day, after all, for once, it is sunny people!!

Have a fantastic week folks, and I will post again next week with pics from the party, I'm sure.

11 October 2010

28 September 2010

You Can Keep A Secret Can't You?

Of course you can! So you wont tell anyone that I'm doing a blog post right now when I should really be finishing my take-home exam for Human Disease Processes so I can send it in to uni before 4.30pm. Sssssh!

I've recently been thinking about the way I would like my life to be. A lot of people in my life have been landing great jobs, getting engaged, moving or travelling, and it really makes me think. What do I want for my life? Where do I want to be? What do I want to achieve? What kind of person do I want to be?

As you can probably tell, I adore my course! I have dreams of moving back to Albury, many years from now and working in a practice and in hospitals, helping and motivating people to make their lives better through their diet. I dream that it will be an affordable clinic, with student and pensioner discounts (and reasonable ones), where my clients will enjoy seeing me and not at all feel judged. A clinic that would really help and empower the community and be involved.

I also dream of living in a lovely house with a great kitchen, wonderful entertaining areas and enough room to have an impressive veggie patch, ducks, chickens, a pig, a goat, a sheep and a cow, and a couple of dogs and a cat, where my future children will be able to learn about where food comes from and get to run around the farm having the sort of adventures I used to have as a kid. Their friends will love to come over to our house and so will our friends. Matt has actually inherited a heritage listed (read: incredibly old and beautiful) farm house that we plan on renovating and living in, in many years time, of course. I would also like my house to be as environmentally friendly as possible, without being too obvious about it.

It is important to me to live back in the Albury-Wodonga area, because, although I never imagined it would happen, I really think of it as home more than anywhere else I have lived. My sister lives there, my mum lives near there and, strangely, a lot of my closest friends see themselves moving back to that area when they finally settle down. I think it's got something to do with growing up in small community. As much as I love Melbourne, it just isn't home.

Matt and I have been together for nearly  3 1/2 years, but we both agree that we don't want to get married at least until I've finished my course (so, end of 2012) and worked for long enough to save up some dosh. We both view marriage as this big, scary decision that we want to be emotionally and financially ready for. And while I realise life happens and things change, and that we can't exactly plan whats going to happen, it's nice to have that idea in mind, and it's been one thing we both wholly agree with. We also don't want to be one of those couples that gets engaged for 3 years. I personally don't see the point in that. And while I don't mean to offend anyone by writing this, I believe that getting engaged is saying, we want to get married, right now. So if the wedding happens within the next year or so, I personally think that makes sense. To me, that is what an engagement is.

I also believe that I personally am not ready to be married. While I do live with Matt and we share all of those things that you share when you live with someone, I still believe that marriage is one more step up on the relationship scale, the final step of 'seriousness' for a relationship. Lol. I suppose I just view marriage as this big decision that you can't rush into. I don't think my view on marriage is cynical, I just think that some people concentrate on the parts that aren't the most important as far as marriage is concerned. I know that the way my Dad is has a lot to do with it; he has been married 3 times and told 4 separate women that they are the 'love of his life' in my lifetime. I could go on about how pathetic it is, but it's not very interesting.

Having said that, I cannot wait for Ben and Sarah, Merrin and Rob and Leonie and Rav to get married! They are the type of couples that completely complement each other, make sense and are obviously happy without trying to rub it in your face. They are just wonderful people. So congrats to all of you! I love you to bits and can't wait to watch you create memories together.

Where do you see yourselves in the future? Are your dreams as homely as mine? Or do you dream of more? I'd love to hear about it. 
I also promise to get straight back to my take-home exam as soon as I post this.

Again, thank you for your patience while I go through exams. It is very much appreciated.

17 September 2010

Quick Home Remedies - Cheap and Natural - and Loving Earth Chocolate

Here I am, loving my course as usual! 
Last night in Food As Medicine we were discussing home kitchen remedies for common ailments, and I found it so fascinating. There are some really interesting people in this class who have lots of information on things I've never heard before, and my lecturer is one of those amazing people who are incredibly motivated and do so many things in their life, as well as being enthusiastic and level headed enough about the course material to actually get us all excited about it. Honestly, she is my favourite lecturer ever. The woman is amazing. But that's beside the point.

Point is, there are several things you can use at home to remedy illness and ailments. I even tried one when I got home last night and already have a result - I used fresh lemon juice on my acne, just before I went to bed, and although it stung for a few minutes, when I woke up this morning, my acne was less red, inflamed and sore than only 8 hours earlier, the night before. Try it!

Other remedies that are worth a try are;
Diarrhea - drink lemon juice in warm water
                 - grated apple skin, browned, and eaten slowly
Constipation - drinking more water (but you should really be doing this anyway! Dehydration makes your blood thicker, raising blood pressure, constipates you and makes detoxification much harder! Very important!)
                    - apple cider vinegar before meals
Heart Burn - 1/3 Tsp of Bi-carb soda in small amount of water (drink this)

So, these are just a few, but they are worth a try. I was very pleased when I woke up and my chin wasn't red or sore this morning - a nice change - gosh, am I sick of my acne!!!

Another thing I am going to try is frankincense essential oil for an awful fungus I have on the skin of my finger. It is supposed to be gentle enough for the skin, which I would really like, because all the pharmaceuticals I have tried to use on it in the past 3 years (yes, THREE years) have done nothing but destroy my skin and nails, and the fungus is still there. Sorry if I'm grossing you out. It really doesn't look bad, it just looks like dry, peeling skin.

I hope that this helps someone out. As far as I'm concerned, most illnesses out there can be directly linked to poor nutrition (not that the way I eat is perfect or anything, but I try my best). The only thing you can do is your best, but it can help to get an outside party to assess your diet and the issues that you have, and give you some suggestions to make it better. I did that two weeks ago, and was recommended several things that I have tried, and feel better for it. My acne is slowly getting better - my skin definitely looks better - and I have a bit more motivation and slightly less stress. 

Today marks officially two whole weeks without dairy - yay! I did it! - and I am ever so proud of myself, but my goodness, do I have a hankering for some cheese! I think I will keep dairy to an absolute minimum in my diet, as I have seen benefits while cutting it out completely. 

Now, I've just gotta work on my sugar intake - one of the side effects of being a student, lol. A naturopath recommended that I try Loving Earth chocolate, which is delicious! It is chocolate that has been made from certified organic, fair trade, raw cocoa, right here in Melbourne! Instead of sugar, it has agave syrup (a natural, low GI sweetener) and the flavours involve different superfoods - so far, my favourite is the Crunchy Mint. Because the cocoa used in the chocolate is raw, and not roasted it contains much more antioxidants than regular dark chocolate, and no dairy. I purchased it at a health food store and even own the raw cacao powder (which makes an excellent chocolate and banana soy smoothie).

So in a nutshell, Loving Earth Chocolate:
- is low GI
- is produced ethically
- is chemical free
- has lots of antioxidants
- is fair trade
- is sustainable
- is free of animal derived products
and most importantly,

Have a lovely weekend my patient followers - my exams will be over in exactly 2 weeks.

11 September 2010

Guess What I Did Today!

That's right, Matt, Mum and I packed up and walked over to the zoo for the day! And just our luck, it was actually sunny most of the time -yay!

My Mum is here visiting for the weekend, so yesterday I took her to the National Gallery of Victoria for the European Masters exhibition, and then dumplings in China Town for lunch, and a spot of shopping. So today we decided it might be fun to head off to the Melbourne Zoo and meet the baby elephant.

This is what I wore for the big adventure, Headscarf: Sportgirl, Grey top (long sleeve): Cotton On, Cardigan: Cotton On, Floral Shirt: Sportsgirl,  Jeans: Jay Jays

Cute little Meerkats distracted by the skydivers above.


Ok, so it's almost my name

Me and my Mummy in the butterfly house

Baby elephant, Mali

Soooooo close!

Mum and Matt

This picture was taken purely for Lisa's benefit. Of course between her and Matt as influences, it's hard for me to not see the dirty word in everything. lol.


Giraffe AND Zebra - at the same time!! Awesome.

Snuggling, snoozing almost extinct wombats. Naw.

I'm so glad we had an outing today. It happens so rarely for me and Matt, and we had such a good time. The Zoo is soooooo big! We didn't get to see everything (missed the gorillas and monkeys and baboons =( ) but I had a ball.

Only thing I found hard was trying to find a meal that was dairy-free and not deep fried, but managed to get around that with a chicken and Japanese mushroom broth - om nom.

It's so good to see my Mum again, she's going home tomorrow, and then all the exam business and business really kicks in - so forgive my lack of blogging for the next few weeks guys.

Have a lovely rest of your weekend.


Ba-ha! Almost Forgot About This One

09 September 2010

I Walked Into the Room Dripping in Gold

Love, love, love, love, LOVE this song.

08 September 2010

Ya Tag-Dag

Gosh, I love calling people that as I politely tuck their tag back into their shirt.

The lovely Wrenrennard of blog, The Raven has tagged me in a post to answer her questions;

1. If you won $65,000,000 - what is the first thing you would do?
Scream a lot then hug the closest person to me. Then, I'd probably buy them a drink of some description.

2. Where in the world do you want to visit most?

Germany. It seems so artistic and much more progressive than other parts of the world as far as being holistic is concerned. Samuel Hahnemann (the father of homeopathy) is from there and it would be interesting to see a place where a holistic view is so important, even though the society is still Westernised. 
Also, I learnt German for yonks and have a friend who lives there.

3. If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?

Oh, I would totally be a kitten. They are just so curious about everything, and that cute expression on their face when they aren't sure about something - adorable. Plus, they get pampered, are always pretty and get to go on regular adventures.

4. The city, the country or the beach?

Well, now that I have moved to Melbourne, I am very much missing home - Albury. Even though it is in the country, it's still a city. It's the perfect balance - the only thing missing is a beach!

5. Your favourite genre of music?

Umm.... that's a toughy because I don't really have a particular style I listen to, per-say. I suppose I like music written and sung by girls: Bertie Blackman, Clare Bowditch, Florence and the Machine, Missy Higgins, etc. I also like stuff that's fun to dance to.

6. Your dream job?

To be a Naturopathic Nutritionist, who educates regular people about the best way to eat for the optimum results from their body. To have a clinic where the fees are reasonable, and there are student and pensioner discounts, and once a fortnight, a cooking class to teach people how easy and fun it is to get to know different foods and cook delicious and healthy meals for themselves and their families/friends.

7. Your favourite book?

I really enjoy the Harry Potter series to be honest. I don't read much, unfortunately, but I do have fond memories of reading as a kid (especially 'The Fantastic Mr. Fox').

8. Your favourite clothing item at the moment?

Ooh, this is a toughy. Maybe my brand new blue suede clogs. Since they are the newest, or the mustard yellow cardi that Lisa gave me. It's very pretty, simple, and very me.

Now, the 8 people that I tag to answer my 8 questions are:
Blackswan from Your Only Blackswan
JSotiriou from Stuck In A Dumb Daze
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Shelby from Felix Wears Frames
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Ballarat Vintage Style from Ballarat Vintage Style

My 8 questions for you my dears, are:
1. Are you a shoe, hat, bag or 'other' person?
2. What is your favourite meal/food memory?
3. What is the best holiday destination?
4. What is your favourite thing to do outside of work/school?
5. What is something you would like to do before you die?
6. What does your no-fail outfit look like?
7. What is the one TV show you can't live without?
8. If you were a pie, what flavour would you be?

Thanks for tagging me Raven, it was lots of fun! I hope you find my answers interesting.

I look forward to seeing your answers, the rest of you.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

"Now I lay me down to sleep,
A bag of peanuts at my feet,
If I die before I wake,
Give them to my brother Jake."
I just love that I grew up on M*A*S*H. =)

I am desperate for some good bed linen. A doona cover and some sheets and pillow cases that do not fall under any of these categories:
  • stark white
  • brown
  • pale/pastel
  • too floral (I share with the boyfriend, after all)
  • stripy
  • spotty
  • boring
  • child-like
  • "modern"
  • make the bedroom look stale
I would really like bed linen that
  • is interesting - can start up a conversation
  • has some detail
  • has some colour
  • is boy friendly without being dull
  • makes the bedroom look welcome and cheerful
  • is different
Please help me guys, I'm sick of the way my bedroom looks. And if you possibly have any tips as far as bedroom decor is concerned, I'd love to hear them, including where I can find stuff for my bedroom or what I can do to liven up the room.

I can't even find pictures of what I mean, but I have an idea in my head. 
I'm just sick of my room being so bland and boring. I never want to be in there.

Any ideas will be gratefully received.
Thanks for listening.

06 September 2010

Renegade Grocery Shopper

Recently I visited the student clinic at my Uni and saw (at the same time) a nutritionist and a naturopath. I've been putting it off for quite a while and I'm so glad that I finally did it. Both of them were a bit shy and a bit scared to push me, so I think it was their first clinic. I'm hoping that at my next session they'll be a bit more enthusiastic, I find that it helps me to be motivated. Ah well.

Anyway, point is, they gave me two pages of things that they recommended for me, and they were very shocked when I said I would do ALL of them. So, now I'm on a couple of supplements and no dairy for two weeks. I was also given this lovely recipe for muesli, which is good for protein and fibre intake, as well as helping my liver detoxify my body. Here it is for you to try:

Fibre, Protein & Liver Detox Muesli

3 cups steel cuts oats
1 cup mixed, roughly chopped nuts (almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts)
1/4 cup sunflower seeds
3/4 cup unbleached lecithin
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tbl goji berries

I eat about a cup of this with chopped banana and soy milk. It's delicious! Just make sure you store it in the fridge (especially in summer) as well as any left over lecithin.

I get so inspired by my course; I hear so many things about foods, the benefits and disadvantages of different foods, the different processes for foods and the sort of nutrients our bodies need more of. 

Most of the foods that I buy are organic and I've become a 'label-nazi' as far as preservatives, additives, genetically modified foods, etc. I've even successfully gone 4 whole days without chocolate, milk, cheese, cream, yoghurt and butter! (SO difficult)

I really hope that all this helps me, especially my skin and my stress levels. I can't wait!

Also - along my holistic travels - I found this internet channel, called The Renegade Health Show. The hosts talk a little too much about things I don't care about, but the recipes are really interesting, like the one for non-dairy chocolate milk, or the raw baba ganoush, and I do believe in the idea behind what they are doing.

If you have any tips or recipes for my dairy-free quest, I would love to hear them!


30 August 2010


My order arrived today.

Have a look at what I bought!

Funkis Plait Navy Suede Sandle Clog (quite a mouthful for quite a shoe!)

As you can see I am super chuffed! Very cute and comfy.

So these are them, my new shoes!

I can't wait for tomorrow when I will wear my shoes to uni with a big fat grin.
They will just go so good with everything, and all through summer.
And the best part is, they are made from plantation timber, so I feel a bit less guilty when I wear them.



I am very impatiently waiting on a delivery of an internet purchase I made on Wednesday night. I really hope it comes today because for once it is sunny! And consistently so!! And what I purchased would really enjoy a day in the sun.

In other news, I got myself into the ballot, and purchased four tickets for the Falls Festival at Lorne this New Years!! I am so excited; this year is most definitely my Year of the Festival - so far I've been to Big Day Out, Groovin the Moo, Splendour in the grass, and I still hope to go to a few more this year. It's so exciting!

This sunny weather is only doing positive things to me - I get a bit sad when it's overcast, don't you? It brings up thoughts of the Spring Racing Carnival, Christmas, swimming at the beach or at the river back home, not having to layer up before I step out the door, ice creams, iced tea, serving margharitas to friends at parties, BBQs, fruit salad, Sunday sesh's in beer gardens accross Melbourne, music festivals, and just having a great time with friends and family in general.

Summer in Australia is always such a fun time, it helps that everyone has such a laid back attitude, and everyone is just looking to have a good time. 

Matt and I plan to find a new place to move into by December, somewhere with a backyard so we can have a vegie patch and entertain our mates whenever we want, because we'll actually have space for them!

Check out this song: I'd Rather Dance With You by Kings of Convenience, it wouldn't let me embed, but I thought it was a nice song with a very cute film clip.

Have a lovely day

22 August 2010

Food, Inc

I recently watched Food, Inc in my Food As Medicine class at uni and it really made an impact on me. Even though I know that a lot of the processes that occur in the USA do not occur here in Australia, I do believe the food industry has had a significant impact on the way that we eat and the food that we eat, as well destroying our environment, and I would like to see it change.

Our idea of 'healthy food' or a 'healthy meal' is so far removed from what 'healthy' actually is because of the way that the food industry is at the moment, and you only have to think about the illnesses that occur in your family or your circle of friends to realise that. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity - can all be attributed to diet.

I hope that this movie does what it was set out to do: to educate the masses and empower them with the knowledge and confidence to make more ethical food choices and change the market demand enough to change the way the food industry conducts itself. 

So please take a look at the film with an open mind, and start to make more ethical food choices. Buy organic. Shop at a farmers market. Buy free range. Buy sustainable seafood (here). Plant a little veggie patch in your backyard. If more people do this, the more affordable these food choices will become. And you just know you will feel better, not only because you are eating nutritious food, but because you are doing something to make the world a better place.

Thanks for reading my rant.
Sorry I don't post that often.


14 August 2010

Eat Your Greens

In the name of research and for the passion of my Nutrition course, and to make my life healthier overall, I went to http://organicfood.com.au/ and ordered a box of seasonal veg for me and my mans. 

I received my delivery looking pretty daggy (pjs, BAD bed hair and a messy kitchen) but was excited none-the-less. My lovely organic goodies brought a delicious fresh scent into the house and I squealed a few too many times and even took photos of said produce (below). This box has lasted a week already and will easily last another week, which means that $51.50 for organic goodness goes a long way - I only have to order more fruit because that went very quickly.

We purchased the 'Eat Your Greens' box, with bananas, lemons and passionfruit extra. 

I recommend you try it at least once - it makes life easier, and makes you feel like you are really doing some good for your body.

Can you see the garlic cloves? They are ENORMOUS!

They are so colourful - like a rainbow! Very inspiring for me, cooking wise.

In other news, ever since Splendour in the Grass, I have been OBSESSED with Yeasayer! Here is the clip to their newest release, Madder Red, which I had never heard until the festival, but thought it was one of the best ones that they performed on the day. So check it out!


06 August 2010

The Return of My Blog

Good afternoon, my fair readers;
After a long and agonising time away - I'm back! Yay!
And with my very own computer, to boot!

Here are some things I have been doing lately;

Buying pretty presents for loved ones;

Adorning my house with cheerful flowers;

Enjoying a few bevvys with the ladies from work;

Celebrating the completion of my first semester of uni and the corresponding exams (photo: courtesy of Ellie);

Enjoying the Rutherglen Winery Walkabout with some of my dearest friends;

and my lovely sister;

Dressing up as someone who died before they were 30 for Luke's 30th (Matt is Jimi Hendrix and I am Edie Sedgwick);

Yippee! I did my own hair!

Spent time in my home town with lovely friends and family (above and two below photos: courtesy of Brylee);

And hey - I actually finished my scarf, see!!;

Walking underneath waterfalls and hanging out with my best friend, Laura, in Queensland

Beer and cheese tastings in Mount Tambourine, Qld;

And finally, going to the best festival I have been to by far: Splendour in the Grass!!!!!!
I think this was taken while either watching The Drums or Yeasayer

Matt with Roni and Glenn.

With the lovely Johanne overlooking the Amphitheatre (and possibly Florence and the Machine)

I think Kate Nash has something to say...

Peter, Matt, Johanne and lil old me.

The always beautiful Clare Bowditch

And the best song that she played - it seemed to be everyone's favourite!

The Drums at the Amphitheatre

Florence and the Machine (she's the big billowy white thing in the middle)

Matt and me after the foam party - woo!

And the last act I saw for the festival - Empire of the Sun.
Pretty good photo, eh?

My posts will be more frequent than the last couple of months, but not too frequent. Uni is very busy, and so is work!

Thanks for having me back.