14 August 2010

Eat Your Greens

In the name of research and for the passion of my Nutrition course, and to make my life healthier overall, I went to http://organicfood.com.au/ and ordered a box of seasonal veg for me and my mans. 

I received my delivery looking pretty daggy (pjs, BAD bed hair and a messy kitchen) but was excited none-the-less. My lovely organic goodies brought a delicious fresh scent into the house and I squealed a few too many times and even took photos of said produce (below). This box has lasted a week already and will easily last another week, which means that $51.50 for organic goodness goes a long way - I only have to order more fruit because that went very quickly.

We purchased the 'Eat Your Greens' box, with bananas, lemons and passionfruit extra. 

I recommend you try it at least once - it makes life easier, and makes you feel like you are really doing some good for your body.

Can you see the garlic cloves? They are ENORMOUS!

They are so colourful - like a rainbow! Very inspiring for me, cooking wise.

In other news, ever since Splendour in the Grass, I have been OBSESSED with Yeasayer! Here is the clip to their newest release, Madder Red, which I had never heard until the festival, but thought it was one of the best ones that they performed on the day. So check it out!


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  1. mmm.. yumm.
    I really ought to eat more vegetables.
    your blog is lovely
    :: 1001 ways to be more lovely ::