06 August 2010

The Return of My Blog

Good afternoon, my fair readers;
After a long and agonising time away - I'm back! Yay!
And with my very own computer, to boot!

Here are some things I have been doing lately;

Buying pretty presents for loved ones;

Adorning my house with cheerful flowers;

Enjoying a few bevvys with the ladies from work;

Celebrating the completion of my first semester of uni and the corresponding exams (photo: courtesy of Ellie);

Enjoying the Rutherglen Winery Walkabout with some of my dearest friends;

and my lovely sister;

Dressing up as someone who died before they were 30 for Luke's 30th (Matt is Jimi Hendrix and I am Edie Sedgwick);

Yippee! I did my own hair!

Spent time in my home town with lovely friends and family (above and two below photos: courtesy of Brylee);

And hey - I actually finished my scarf, see!!;

Walking underneath waterfalls and hanging out with my best friend, Laura, in Queensland

Beer and cheese tastings in Mount Tambourine, Qld;

And finally, going to the best festival I have been to by far: Splendour in the Grass!!!!!!
I think this was taken while either watching The Drums or Yeasayer

Matt with Roni and Glenn.

With the lovely Johanne overlooking the Amphitheatre (and possibly Florence and the Machine)

I think Kate Nash has something to say...

Peter, Matt, Johanne and lil old me.

The always beautiful Clare Bowditch

And the best song that she played - it seemed to be everyone's favourite!

The Drums at the Amphitheatre

Florence and the Machine (she's the big billowy white thing in the middle)

Matt and me after the foam party - woo!

And the last act I saw for the festival - Empire of the Sun.
Pretty good photo, eh?

My posts will be more frequent than the last couple of months, but not too frequent. Uni is very busy, and so is work!

Thanks for having me back.

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  1. Thanky you! And we have the same name : D
    The festival looks like a lot of fun!