11 September 2010

Guess What I Did Today!

That's right, Matt, Mum and I packed up and walked over to the zoo for the day! And just our luck, it was actually sunny most of the time -yay!

My Mum is here visiting for the weekend, so yesterday I took her to the National Gallery of Victoria for the European Masters exhibition, and then dumplings in China Town for lunch, and a spot of shopping. So today we decided it might be fun to head off to the Melbourne Zoo and meet the baby elephant.

This is what I wore for the big adventure, Headscarf: Sportgirl, Grey top (long sleeve): Cotton On, Cardigan: Cotton On, Floral Shirt: Sportsgirl,  Jeans: Jay Jays

Cute little Meerkats distracted by the skydivers above.


Ok, so it's almost my name

Me and my Mummy in the butterfly house

Baby elephant, Mali

Soooooo close!

Mum and Matt

This picture was taken purely for Lisa's benefit. Of course between her and Matt as influences, it's hard for me to not see the dirty word in everything. lol.


Giraffe AND Zebra - at the same time!! Awesome.

Snuggling, snoozing almost extinct wombats. Naw.

I'm so glad we had an outing today. It happens so rarely for me and Matt, and we had such a good time. The Zoo is soooooo big! We didn't get to see everything (missed the gorillas and monkeys and baboons =( ) but I had a ball.

Only thing I found hard was trying to find a meal that was dairy-free and not deep fried, but managed to get around that with a chicken and Japanese mushroom broth - om nom.

It's so good to see my Mum again, she's going home tomorrow, and then all the exam business and business really kicks in - so forgive my lack of blogging for the next few weeks guys.

Have a lovely rest of your weekend.



  1. awww that's the cutest
    i feel like going to the zoo now
    it's always good fun going there

  2. I love Melbourne Zoo its so great - Good pic of the Tiggie too! She got nice and close for once!

  3. Yeah, she was my frund. Lol. We got pretty lucky with some of the animals, and I didn't realise how much had changed since I was last there. The orangutan section is awesome!

  4. hey!
    thanks a bunch for following
    means so much to me so thanks :)

  5. I love simon and garfunkel
    and going to the zoo.
    I've recently done a post on my visit.
    Love meerkats :D


  6. i don't have my own digital camera, and the one that we have as a family has gone a bit.. weird. like, it won't focus on anything :s i need to get my own one, just waiting for the student loan to come through ;)
    and i like disposable cameras because they're cheap, and if i lose one (i'm horrifically clumsy) then i've only lost £6 instead of something very expensive!
    and they're fun to use (: xx


  7. i absolutely love the ZOO because i love animals <3 you look great , your headband is so cute !

  8. You're so cute...love your outfit!


  9. i love the zoo and those meerkats don't you just want those in your home? they would definitely brighten up your day when they do that cute little pose :) your outfit is so classy too :)
    lovely blog.