08 September 2010

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

"Now I lay me down to sleep,
A bag of peanuts at my feet,
If I die before I wake,
Give them to my brother Jake."
I just love that I grew up on M*A*S*H. =)

I am desperate for some good bed linen. A doona cover and some sheets and pillow cases that do not fall under any of these categories:
  • stark white
  • brown
  • pale/pastel
  • too floral (I share with the boyfriend, after all)
  • stripy
  • spotty
  • boring
  • child-like
  • "modern"
  • make the bedroom look stale
I would really like bed linen that
  • is interesting - can start up a conversation
  • has some detail
  • has some colour
  • is boy friendly without being dull
  • makes the bedroom look welcome and cheerful
  • is different
Please help me guys, I'm sick of the way my bedroom looks. And if you possibly have any tips as far as bedroom decor is concerned, I'd love to hear them, including where I can find stuff for my bedroom or what I can do to liven up the room.

I can't even find pictures of what I mean, but I have an idea in my head. 
I'm just sick of my room being so bland and boring. I never want to be in there.

Any ideas will be gratefully received.
Thanks for listening.

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  1. Hello! I tagged you in a Q&A thing thats going around on my blog x