06 September 2010

Renegade Grocery Shopper

Recently I visited the student clinic at my Uni and saw (at the same time) a nutritionist and a naturopath. I've been putting it off for quite a while and I'm so glad that I finally did it. Both of them were a bit shy and a bit scared to push me, so I think it was their first clinic. I'm hoping that at my next session they'll be a bit more enthusiastic, I find that it helps me to be motivated. Ah well.

Anyway, point is, they gave me two pages of things that they recommended for me, and they were very shocked when I said I would do ALL of them. So, now I'm on a couple of supplements and no dairy for two weeks. I was also given this lovely recipe for muesli, which is good for protein and fibre intake, as well as helping my liver detoxify my body. Here it is for you to try:

Fibre, Protein & Liver Detox Muesli

3 cups steel cuts oats
1 cup mixed, roughly chopped nuts (almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts)
1/4 cup sunflower seeds
3/4 cup unbleached lecithin
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tbl goji berries

I eat about a cup of this with chopped banana and soy milk. It's delicious! Just make sure you store it in the fridge (especially in summer) as well as any left over lecithin.

I get so inspired by my course; I hear so many things about foods, the benefits and disadvantages of different foods, the different processes for foods and the sort of nutrients our bodies need more of. 

Most of the foods that I buy are organic and I've become a 'label-nazi' as far as preservatives, additives, genetically modified foods, etc. I've even successfully gone 4 whole days without chocolate, milk, cheese, cream, yoghurt and butter! (SO difficult)

I really hope that all this helps me, especially my skin and my stress levels. I can't wait!

Also - along my holistic travels - I found this internet channel, called The Renegade Health Show. The hosts talk a little too much about things I don't care about, but the recipes are really interesting, like the one for non-dairy chocolate milk, or the raw baba ganoush, and I do believe in the idea behind what they are doing.

If you have any tips or recipes for my dairy-free quest, I would love to hear them!


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  1. im imagining how this muesli recipe would look and boy oh boy, does it look scrumptious! i must give it a go one lazy sunday morning!

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