11 May 2010

Dress ups box

I thought I might post some of my more memorable costumes over the years for your enjoyment/possible inspiration.

1940's Pin-up with Anthony, for Boun's 30th, 2009

The evolution of the 1940's Pin-up costume into the Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini costume that I made (without a pattern) for the La Trobe University Wodonga's Sexual Deviants Ball 2009.

This was my Wood Nymph costume for a fairy picnic my then, not-yet-housemate, Lisa had in the Botanic Gardens in Albury, 2009. Hair and make-up by my sister, Alysia, and I made the head piece from a dead vine I found.

We had an 'F' party for my lovely British friend, Flora, when she went back to England. I was a flamingo. My sister, again did my make-up. Another costume of 2009.

This was originally a badly made bridesmaids dress for my dad's very tacky 3rd wedding. I brought in the skirt to make it a pencil skirt, shortened it and added the black belt and wore it to a Mad Men party. 2009. My sister (the genius!) made my very short hair into this fantastic beehive and did my makeup.

I think this was the first costume I ever made; Wonder Woman for the Heroes and Villains night at Sodens in Albury. The DJ duo, Culture Vulture, who were regulars back then, deemed my costume the best, and I won the $50 bar tab!

This one was a sports themed party, Joe's 21st, 2009.

At my 13th Birthday, I was a witch. 2000.

At my friend Anthony's 21st, a 'Things That Go Bump in the Night' theme. This costume was my sister's idea, and she did the hair and make-up. I thought I made a great spider!

Most recently, this is what I wore to the lovely Dayna's 30th birthday, which was a Vintage theme. So proud of my hair because I did all myself - I don't usually.

So, what do you think?


  1. How awesome. I wish that my life was a dress up party! Your costumes are awesome!!

  2. Thank you!

    You should see some of my friends costumes, they are great: one friend went to a party dressed as a taco! It was amazing, and the best idea I have ever heard of, let alone seen. Things like that always make me try harder with my costumes. Luckily for me, I have a bit of help from my sister for my costumes.

    But I am really glad you like them =)