21 May 2010

I never told you about Saturday

Remember how I said on Saturday that Matt was taking me on a date? Well, he is a sneaky little buggar, and an amazing one at that!

I got dressed up (with a later party in mind) and we went to Auction Rooms (me, pretending I didn't know this was where we were going). Matt told the waiter, 'a booking for Matt', and I was just spacing out, not really paying attention, when I heard the guy say, 'Oh, the group booking.' which I thought was a mix-up, until I looked up and there in the big group of people at the back of the room, was my entire family!
What?!!!! Oh my gosh!!
Hugs and tears ensued, especially when I realised that my Mum was there!

My sister was in on the plan with Matt and had told everyone to tell me they couldn't catch up with me for the last 6 weeks or so, which worked, I was starting to get very upset about not being able to see anyone, especially on Mother's Day last week.

Anyway, I had this fantastic night with all my family and lots of delicious Tapas and wine and an amazing tall orange cake with thick white chocolate spread around the outside. The only thing is, I didn't get any photos, so I will have to wait until my uncle posts them on Facebook, so that I can post them on here.

Thank you Matt, Alysia, Mum, Noah, Nannie, Mae-Mae, Penny, Alan, Caz, Frank, Ken, Merrin, Trelawny, Owen, Liam, Hamish and Rob - you guys are tops!



Unfortunately, I have to break up the good news with some bad news. Our canary Bernard died yesterday afternoon. He drowned himself in his water feeder, which was a very disturbing sight. 

I don't have a picture of him, but I do have a video, I just can't figure out how to post it. =(

We will miss you Bernard.


  1. i hope its not a video of him drowning himself lol. and what about those piks you took of us cooking

  2. No, it's a video of when he got all soaked in the big storm and we dried him with the hair dryer, and he was all indulgent about it - very cute!

    And, I, uh... forgot about those pics. Plus they are on Matt's phone, and I don't usually post when he is home.

    Please get some sort of account so I don't have to think for a few minutes to realise it's you, Ally.xx