27 May 2010

Why hate someone for who they are?

I HATE homophobia.

I NEVER describe anything using the term 'gay' in a negative or derogative way, and no one ever should.

It is my belief that being homosexual is not a choice - why would someone choose to live in a way where they are ridiculed, humiliated and discriminated against, on purpose? It just doesn't make sense. And it is not good enough that this sort of humiliation still occurs in our modern society.

Being homosexual is something you are born with, like the colour of your hair, or the way that you think. The real God accepts everyone for who they are, so religion is no excuse for persecution.

After Jason Akermanis' comments earlier this week about whether gay footballers should come out, a website has been launched that you should be aware of: This Is Oz. While I do not agree that homosexual football players should be hunted out and paid to come out, I do believe that it would only be a positive thing if they came out, rather than a danger to AFL. Saying that AFL footy is "not ready" for gay footballers to come out is a COP OUT and a shame to Australia as a nation!

I have quite a few friends who are gay, and have been very apprehensive to come out, and surprised at the people who had no problem with the fact that they are gay, when they did come out. It makes me sad to hear my friends say that they are too scared to tell the ones that they love, who they are; that they might be persecuted for letting their friends know their true selves.

No one should have to be afraid to show their true selves.
No one should be judged because of who they are.
Being gay IS NOT A CHOICE.
Being gay IS NOT WRONG.

The gay community needs our support, so please, at least take a look at This Is Oz, and spread the word or show your support in some way.

The world needs to evolve and accept the gay community as normal NOW. Because it is normal. Because it is all around. Because your child, your mother, your father, cousin, uncle, aunty, friend, could be struggling with who they really are, and they really shouldn't have to.


I dedicate this post to everyone I love, gay or straight, to tell them that I love who they are and I do not think they should be ashamed in any way of who they are. 

Everyone is a person. Everyone has EQUAL rights. Uphold your belief of human rights and spread the word.


To my gay friends: I love you for who you are, I love you for your bravery, and I love that you are all in my life. You inspire me.

Do what is right, what is humane and what is common decency. And think about how you would feel if someone told you that loving the person that you love is wrong.


  1. i agree with you, and think its good you did a post on it, because i cant believe people could even feel that way, its so wrong and just plain rude! people are who they are..:) hope your have a great weekdn

  2. a few of my best friends are gay aswell, this is a very empowering post, thanks for sharing!


  3. this is a really good post! i agree with you wholeheartedly on everything. i was infuriated when jason akermanis said what he said. we need more people like you in this world :)