13 May 2010

Hey there sugar!

Actually, Goodbye sugar!

A while ago, inspired by my friend Paula, who I worked with at the time, I decided to go two weeks without chocolate, and did so successfully, which I was pleasantly surprised about. After doing so, I wanted chocolate less often, and felt very refreshed! So recently, after a long time of frustration over my acne and some inspiration from another friend, Terri, who has undertaken a crazy detox that I don't think I could ever do myself, I have decided to take my last attempt one step further and go without refined sugar for two weeks.

This means I can still eat fruit (fructose) and milk (lactose) but nothing that has sugar (glucose), so no alcohol, no scones from work (Aargh!), no over processed flour products (white pasta, white bread - not that I really eat that anyway), and nothing with added sugar at all.

I'm hoping that by doing this I will improve my skin and that after I finish I will want to eat products with refined sugar in them less often, it might also have a bit of a detoxifying effect that could be useful because I'm very stressed out and highly strung at the moment!!!

Luckily for me, I live very close to the Queen Victoria Markets so I can get plenty of fresh fruit and lots of dried pulses to cut down the amount of processed food I eat. If you have any ideas for snacks during this period, I'd love to hear them - just don't say carrot sticks! PLEASE!

Also, I plan on cooking Polenta for the first time and I'm very excited! I'm going to try this recipe, but use chicken thighs instead of beef mince (Free Range Chicken, of course!). Delish!

Image from cuisine.com.au

Wish me luck!

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