31 May 2010

Another Quiet Weekend Over

I had a fairly quiet weekend; worked a bit, bought some magazines, a bit of study, cooked some delicious soup (Split Pea and Prosciutto), baked some Shortbread with Passionfruit Cream, visited the relo's in Mornington (and got there by myself without a map - so proud!), did some knitting, watched heaps of movies (including Stranger Than Fiction, which Matt hadn't seen, and is now obsessed with), picked up some new glasses - which I'll post about later because I forgot to get photos of - and looked after Matt. It was still a good weekend though. At first I was a bit sour but it ended up being really good.

I still haven't finished the scarf (and I have knitted more since these photos), but this just gives you an idea of what it's going to look like.

Cardigan: Cotton On, Dress (worn as top under skirt): Supre, Skirt and Belt: Sportsgirl, Tights: Metalicus, Wool and Needles: Lincraft.

I'm such a proud little knitter!

This is maybe half the length that I want it to be. I'm hoping I wont give up on it and I will actually have it finished this year - I have a habit of getting bored of my projects and stopping them before I'm finished.

Here's the wool that I bought, and I have bamboo needles (can somebody say, 'sustainable'). It's such lovely wool, it looks a bit old fashioned, I reckon.

Gosh, Matt is cute. Drinkin' his tea and being all snuggled in the jumper I bought for him. I swear, most of the time when we are at home, at least one of us has a mug of tea in hand. At least it's not soft drink!

Naw, there he is again.

Here's a few things I'm listening to at the moment;
Supergrass - Moving - Lisa got me into this one big time. Love it!

Have a lovely week everyone, and forgive me if my posts are dwindling, I have exams coming up very soon and one more assignment to do. 

And, if anyone in Melbourne is interested, Savers is having a 50% off sale today only, and you should go if only because I can't!! Savers' Sale

PS. If I ever mention a recipe that you think you might like, let me know, I'm always happy to share.


  1. you are so cute knitting all focused! the scarf is getting looong! and yay css :-)

  2. hi!
    your scarf is looking great! i cant wait till mine grows longer but alas! i am still a slow knitter.
    hopefully i will finish before winter ends! hehe

    dre xx

  3. the colour of the wool is splendid!not a drop stitch in sight! hehe

    i started a knitting club back in primary school - each of us carried a granny bag full of yarn and knitting needles. hehe

    great blog, a new follower!

    come by for a visit or follow too?!

    x Your Only Blackswan