14 May 2010

A Borrowed Shirt and A Pie

Lately, I have been very inspired by one blog, calivintage, and find myself browsing through her long list of outfits most of the time that I am on the internet. I love that she looks different everyday, and tries different looks, but still looks the same, as in, she looks like herself in every different outfit.

The other day, desperate for warm clothes, (gosh, I am REALLY struggling) I decided to trawl through some of her posts until I found the one in the above link, and thought it was perfect!

I never usually wear Matt's shirts because they just look boxy and awful on my body type, but stick a cardigan on top and it looks great - so great that I think I might invest in my own flannelette one (for extra warmth). So, thanks Calivintage! Here's my interpretation:

So, complete outfit was Matt's shirt, Cotton On cardigan, Mum's suit jacket from the '80's, Jay Jay's high-waisted jeans, Reject Shop socks and Sportsgirl shoes.

I think I have about two layers on underneath the shirt as well as tights on underneath my jeans for extra warmth. I'd really love tips of Australian shops I can get warmer clothing from. I'm off to Metallicus today with my housemate, who works for them, and Tracy (boyfriend's sister) to try to get some warmer basics, but I really need warmer jumpers, cardigans and clothes in general! 

Thanks, Matt. Lol

In other news, I baked a wonderful beef and vegetable pie the other night, mostly from scratch - c'mon, who doesn't use the sheets of frozen puff pastry! We didn't have enough potatoes to make a shepherd's pie, so I put pastry on top instead. Delicious! Here's a photo (which refuses to centre itself properly - argh!);

See the pretty leaves on top?

And last night I cooked my step-dad, Fred's German Green Bean Soup, which uses a special German herb called 'Bohnenkraut' or 'Summer Bean Herb' (Wiki calls it Summer Savory at one point, and Summer Bean Herb at another, but I think Summer Bean Herb is a better translation). The soup is a lovely broth, and great to make when we're poor.

Day One of the no sugar (diet? detox? I'm not sure) thing but it is only 11am, so all I've had is two Vita Brits (they don't have sugar added) and some milk. So far, so good.



  1. I love her style too! Your outfit looks great. And I can see where the cardigan helps. Your pie looks delicious!


  2. Calivintage has amazing style. I have been mesmerized by her posts as well. I dig what you did here with her as inspiration. Also, insanely impressive pie skills! I bow down.