16 March 2010

My Current Idol

Ginnifer Goodwin is just SO beautiful! She's on one of my favourite and most addictive shows to watch 'Big Love', and was the only reason why I finished the movie 'Mona Lisa Smile'. 

With her cute pixie cut and beautiful blue eyes, her style is something that definitely inspires me. Here are some examples;

At a pre-Oscars party (from www.zimbio.com)
I just love this dress. Very different to your average LBD.

At another pre-Oscars party (www.fashionising.com) 
Another cute twist on just wearing an LBD

Stunning in a B&W dress at the People' Choice Awards (www.whosdatedwho.com)
A different way to wear stripes and the big flower is a great statement.

From www.style.com
Ooh! I have a dress that's similar to this, although a bit tartier lol. It was only $10 after all. But this one is in a better colour too, and has such a beautiful neckline.

Another one from www.whosdatedwho.com
I just love that she wears so many sweet dresses, because its very much like my style. 

(Also from www.whosdatedwho.com)
She makes casual look so, well, not casual. I especially love the bow on the top.

I think I'm going to try to emulate her tomorrow for uni - heels and all!! Sounds rediculous, but whatever. Oh, and I will post the look too.


  1. she is just so incredibly lovely


  2. I love that last look. I want an outfit like that to wear to work! Thanks for introducing me to a new style inspiration :)

  3. Dang, she's just so cute, in'she?