07 March 2010


(I really need to get better with photography)

This Friday night became a bit of impromtu fun when Matt went for drinks with a friend of ours Jacob. I had just finished my first shift of my new job (woohoo, I'm employed!!) so I was pretty pooped, and got all dissappointed when I forgot that the boyfriend had after work drink plans. But while he was out he texted me because Jacob's girlfriend Terri, and another guy, Michael, were also coming out, so I should meet them in the city for dinner. So I did, and after dinner, Jacob was convinced that the best thing to do is head down to the Yarra for the Moomba festival and watch the fireworks.

Terri, Jacob, me (wearing Metallicus dress and a flower I made myself) and Matt

Terri and Matt in the Children's Garden

We ended up on the side of the river with the kiddy rides and games, so I was only interested in the Giant Slide. But I swear the people who ran the Giant Slide had something against me, because every time I was near it, it said "closed due to weather conditions" and every time I'd walk away they'd let people on. Bastards.

But looking at it, you can see why I was so close to tantrum territory:

RAINBOW! AND you can race people down it. AND they take a photo of you going down!

Even DisneyWorld couldn't improve on that. And it was the highest Giant Slide I ever sawed in my short life.

We even played a few of the games, and won a few shitty prizes.

Matt and Jacob try (and fail) at the archery game. (Haha, Matt is just so tall)

Terri and I show off the prizes that we won in the Basketball game. Considering the dodgy-looking eyes on the other prizes, I thought the Care Bear was the best choice (I still don't know which Care Bear it is though, feel free to enlighten me).

And this is just funny because I never actually thought it was possible to be too TALL for a ride. (Poor Matt, I'm always teasing him. But he's so darn cute. I'm pretty sure Michael was taller than him anyway).

In the end, there were no fireworks, because Jacob had read the internet wrong, and so, spent the rest of the night trying to distract us from blaming him for the mistake ("I'm pretty sure I heard Mira suggest it", "No Terri, it was definately your idea.") Poor Jacob.

Until next time.

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