21 March 2010

She's a Shoe In

I finally got paid on Friday so of course I went shopping!!! It's my personal rule that whenever I get a new job, I have every right to treat myself to a little something, and this time I found the most glorious pair of shoes!

I'm new to the city and I knew there was a Big W somewhere, I just kept forgetting where. And because I always manage to find something at 'Big Dub', I made it my mission to find where it was, and as soon as I got there I ventured straight over to the shoe section and was immediately drawn to this pair of loveliness:

For less than 30 bucks, I bought myself and brand new pair of hapiness. I really LOVE Big Dub.

I wore them that night to my wonderful friends' Rachie and Nick's place for a delicious Spanish feast, with Matt, including meatball tapas, mixed paella and copius amounts of Sangria and beers, and so they were a constant talking point for the evening lol.

We ended up staying the night at their place and it took a long time for us to get home because we forgot that we didn't have bus money and had a lot of issues with transport zoning and ahh, it just took us forever to get home. I had to put my hair up because I resemble a rooster when I wake up in the morning, but at least I had my brand new shoes to make me feel like some sort of effort was put into my appearance.
Dress: Don't Ask Amanda, Handbag: Bluebird, Sunnies: Sportsgirl, Shoes: Big W, Hedging: courtesy of a random house on a random street. 

I'm even going to wear them today to a wedding I get to go to. *sigh* What is it about a brand new pair of shoes? I love this feeling.