09 March 2010

Do you have a favourite-sounding word? My top 5 are ointment, bumblebee, Vladivostok, banana and testicle.

The time has come for Mary and Max: The Exhibition - YAY!

It started on 2nd March and will run right through until 6th June at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, and I for one will most definately be attending!

The gorgeous film is a stop-motion animation full feature by the Oscar-winning, AUSTRALIAN (Yes, I can be patriotic at times) Director and Writer, Adam Elliot (who also wrote and directed the short film, Harvey Krumpet), and if you haven't seen it, you really should!!

Mary is an eight-year-old who lives in (lol) Mount Waverley, and has a pen-pal friendship with the Asperger afflicted and much older, Max, who lives in New York, and the film follows both of their lives until Mary is all growed up. But basically, you should watch it because it is so freaking cute! (Oh, and Toni Collette, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Eric Bana and Barry Humphreys all lend their voices to it too, if it's name dropping that floats your boat)



THEN. Once you have seen said film, head on over to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image and check out the exhibition. Info here: http://www.acmi.net.au/exhib_mary_max.aspx

And PS. (lol) No I do not work for any of these people, I'm just very excited about it!

And if that's not enough, from memory, Mary wants to marry a man named 'Earl Grey' and live in his castle with him and have lots of children. Hahaha! GOLD! (See image below) Gotta appreciate a good tea pun.

I'm so pumped.x

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