14 March 2010

Wish I May, Wish I Might

These are just a few things that I've decided I would like to get for myself, because I am the type of person who likes to make lists, and I am someone who doesn't have much money, so has a lot more opportunity to think about the things I might like to purchase, if by chance I find myself in a situation where I actually have money.

-    A good-quality warm and versatile coat
-    Caramel brown Brogues (or similar) preferably vintage (I have a pair, but they are already wearing out, and I just love them so I see no problem in having several pairs)
-    Sturdy, good quality flat boots (maybe the tough looking lace-up kind)
-    More printed tops, jackets and cardigans that are versatile (more vintage-look floral). A lot of my clothes are plain and have no print on them which has been something very annoying to me for many years.
-    Vintage-style swimsuit (handmade). There are some very cute ones at both Kids In Berlin and Thread Den, both in North Melbourne, but I did find this pattern at the Burda Style website that I'd like to give a go, in a cute floral fabric.
-    Long thick grey socks that go over the knee (I have wanted these for years and I'm talking woollen, look like your nanna knitted them, thick)
-    A long sleeved Classic white shirt that fits well and is versatile. Apparently there is a fairly cheap one at Temt, but when I went in it wasn't there, so I think I went in too early in the season.
-    Casual black pants (comfortable and classic, versatile)
-    High-waisted grey trousers - Ahh! Sportsgirl have the exact pair that I want, and as soon as I pay off my current layby, that will be my next purchase - they have 1/2 SIZES - YES!!!
-    A petticoat (handmade) in charcoal or black tulle. I will make this for myself one day lol.
-    A pretty “pussy-bow” blouse. I've always wanted one in a soft material, maybe a pastel yellow if I'm lucky. So pretty.
-    A V-Neck knitted jumper that is reasonably thick and well-fitted. Essential for my serious uni-student look - haha! That, and I really don't own many very warm pieces.
-    A big, thick, bold-coloured knitted scarf (maybe red) and its gotta be super long so it can be wrapped around several times - om nom nom.

Check out this sweet video of an awesome scarf knot from The Sartorialist.

      Gloves that have all their fingers but are cut off just after where the fingers join the back of the hand (like Carrie’s in the Sex and the City movie, the scene at the pay phone) = HAWT!
-    Picture courtesy of Craftster, click the link that I just found (!!!) to make said gloves yourself!!

-    A black and/or a grey skivvy for layering in winter
-    A large "Keep Cup" for drinking copious cups of Earl Grey at uni (mmm...)
-    4 Folding Chairs from Ikea for our dining table, so that I can have bigger dinner parties where everyone actually gets a seat at the table. Not sure which ones though.
-    Dermalogica PreCleanse!!! I already have their Dermal Clay Cleanser, Multi-Active Toner, Clearing Mattifier, Oil Control Lotion, Overnight Clearing Gel AND Sebum Clearing Masque because I am obsessive and IN LOVE with Dermalogica. But the PreCleanse is really great for removing make-up without stinging or drying out my skin. I've used a sample of it before and it was glorious.
                I'm sure you are thinking, "Hang on, you said you were poor Mira, you lying wench!" but the thing with Dermalogica is that you use the tiniest amount of the products when you use them, so they last ages. For example, I've had the toner for 10 months now and I use the stuff every morning and most nights. Compare that to the awful supermarket products that usually last 2 months each and Dermalogica is cheaper in the long run, plus the product is free from alcohol, fragrance and other components in the supermarket brands that do your skin no good. 'nuff said!
-    A powder foundation. I read an article for make-up in the March issue of Dolly Magazine (don't judge, it's actually pretty good for a teen mag, and I got a free top with a Flamingo on it) that really helped me because I lack in the make-up talent department. Plus I'm almost out of foundation.

So thus completes my "basic" wish list.

I know its long, but I make no apologies, this blog is fun for me.

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