04 March 2010

First is the worst

Hey there!
And a warm and cosy welcome to my blog.

My name is Miranda, or Mira, if you prefer.

I have just moved down to Melbourne-town from Albury, and this is first time I've ever had the internet in a place that I've lived in, so I've decided to start a blog.

I don't really have a theme for my blog, I'm hoping that might come along after the first few posts, but until then, I'll just post my interests and hope for the best.

So, I've been doing a little online shopping lately, and came across this little gem:

This gorgeous tablecloth was only $5 on eBay, and just looks great with the herbs picked fresh from my boyfriend's Mum's garden plopped on top, don't you think? I got obsessed because my housemate has HEAPS of old tablecloths she got from her Grandmother, and I wanted to have my own when the time comes that we no longer live together.


It was my little sister, Alysia's (Ally), 21st birthday on the weekend, so we travelled back to Albury, NSW, for that. We ate dinner at the Thai Grand Palace, on Dean St, and between the 15 of us, we had a banquet. The food was all very delicious, and our family friend, Kathleen, who had never really eaten Thai before, was very impressed.

Fred, Mum, Ally and Kathleen

The cake, a delicious, rich mud cake, was made by the same lady who does cakes through the florist Ally works for (The Flower Shoppe, Dean St, Albury) and Ally did the small floral arrangements on the cake herself.

My camera isn't great, but it was very dark and the flash ruins the colours too.

I was terribly hung over (shameful) and exhausted, but the food definitely got me through.

Spunky-Boyfriend (aka. Matt) wears Kenji shirt from Myer, and I'm wearing a Don't Ask Amanda dress from General Pants.

Ally wore clothes that I managed to afford as her birthday present on the night, although I wanted her to wear the dress I bought her. She still looked fantastic (as usual), and I was really proud of myself because I managed to buy her an outfit that gave her a lot of shape and confidence without spending a lot of money. She told me a few months ago that I am her stylist, so I thought this would be the best present. (I also gave her a "voucher" to go shopping with me so I can buy her some jeans - I'm thinking Cheap Mondays - and if she saves some money up first, we might buy her some more clothes with my help. Basically it's a shopping trip in Melbourne, including Sushi for lunch =) )

Alysia wears Top ($15), and Skirt ($20), both from ValleyGirl, and gifted by me (naw).

All constructive feedback is welcomed.

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