11 March 2010

Dream a little dream of me...

When I was about eight or nine, I remember someone showing me the movie Dream A Little Dream starring Corey and Corey (Feldman and Haim) and I swear, I had my first crush and possible obsession. (ie. Matt, watch said movie and pay attention!! lol)

Despite the fact that Feldman was the object of my primary school desires (as was River Phoenix - how is it I watched so many 80s movies in the 90s?), I still adored every movie the 2 Coreys starred in that I saw (like, License to Drive = AWESOME!).

Yesterday, Corey Haim was found dead from a drug overdose, and so died any hope of there ever being another Corey and Corey movie =(.

So if you haven't seen any of the films, I definitely recommend Dream A Little Dream (swoon-worthy).



Oh dear God, now I'm heartless....

So, I've spent the entire morning frustrated over what I should wear (room = pigsty), but I figure, hey, if I can't be inspired by what to wear, at least I can eat something inspiring.

Enter sandwich.
No shit, highlight of my day:
Black rye bread with tasty cheese, tomatoes, Cathy's homemade relish-like tomato sauce, mixed salad leaves, salad sprouts, whole egg mayonnaise, a boiled egg, lightly seasoned. Bliss...

In other cooking news:
This is my housemate Lisa's attempt at cooking spaghetti - she asked me to take these lol. Love you Lisa.
Notice the water is not boiling and the pasta is starting to BURN. Absolute gold!

Oh, and last night in a desperate craving for chicken, I cooked this for Matt and I for dinner;
I made a creamy mushroom sauce (with no recipe, hells yes) with chicken boobs and tonnes of vegies and Lisa was oh so jealous of our delicious dinner.

Man, I love cooking. Especially when it makes those who aren't eating what I have cooked jealous. Best feeling!

Oh, and some things I learnt in Food As Medicine (my FAVOURITE subject) at uni lately;
- Your body cannot absorb the iron in Spinach and Brocolli. The only nutritional sources for iron are in meat and supplements (there are vego ones - somehow). Sucks really, cause I've been telling my vego friends to eat spinach for iron - sorry guys!
- Tomatoes, Zuchinis, Squash, Pumpkin and any other 'vegetable' with seeds ARE considered fruit. So if, like me, you've been feeling guilty for not eating fruit, but you've been eating lots of these, you're all good. Guilt, be gone! (I'm pretty stoked really)
- Rice - even brown rice - has a pretty high GI (Glycemic Index) so don't eat too much of it, ok? Same with regular pasta, and that grain bread you thought was healthy. Most of it uses refined flours, which is just carbohydrate without the nutrients (there is a difference). Hence the delicious Black Rye I had in my sammich: nothing artificial and lots of unprocessed rye flour, and no additives (read: additives = BAD!!)

Alright, I'll stop busting your chops now.

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